Broncolor MobiLED Head (32.013.00)

Broncolor MobiLED Head (32.013.00)

Price: £1,206.00
Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: 32.013.00

MobiLED – for Photographs and Video Sequences

broncolor presents the world’s first lamp with 30 W LED modelling light. This output corresponds approximately to a 100 W halogen lamp; in this form it is the only one of its kind on the market. LED technology promises a long working life and substantial energy savings – exactly right for mobile use. The colour temperature too, at 5500 Kelvin, opens completely new horizons when filming video sequences.

Exceptionally compact, light and great value for money, the MobiLED has a tilt- and-swivel head for single-handed operation and an integral reflector mounting. The intelligent ventilation control only switches on when the operating temperature demands it. The innovative design folds into the smallest possible space for transport and storage.

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Small and great
Its identical bayonet fastener makes the MobiLED compatible with the comprehensive range of broncolor light modifiers and accessories. The lamp is fitted with an unlocking button. This allows reflectors to be changed quickly and rotated through 360°.

Video sequences in perfection
With the Move 1200 L in continuous lighting mode, the MobiLED’s modelling light can be employed as a new element in lighting design. Especially at the daylight colour temperature of 5500 K, it offers completely new possibilities for film sequences.

MobiLED – Continuous Lighting Adapter
With the MobiLED lamp, the lithium charger for Move 1200 L, and the newly developed continuous lighting adapter, gives the opportunity to use the modelling light independently of the power pack. Just right to meet customers increasingly stringent demands. With the MobiLED operated directly from the mains power supply, a separate video sequence can be filmed in addition to a photo shooting. Mobility without limits!

And there’s an even easier way: With the MobiLED lamp, the lithium charger for Move 1200 L, and the continuous lighting adapter, it is possible to use the modelling light independently of the power pack and the mains power supply. With this arrangement, the MobiLED’s modelling light can be supplied with current directly from the battery.

Top Lithium Battery
Move is equipped with the proven Lithium Power System which can be exchanged in no time. Eject battery and insert the new one. This battery promises long periods of use and very low weight. After a day it switches itself off so as not to discharge. If you let the battery stand for a year and then come back and test the charge, you will find the state of charge is unchanged. Amazing.


Technical Specs

Flash energy: 1200 J (max. 1600 J)

Modelling light: 30 W LED

Length of lamp cable: 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

Dimensions (Ø × L × H): Ø 12 × 24.3 × 17.2 cm

Weight (w/o. reflector and accessories): 1.7 kg (3,7 lbs)

Stand adapter: For broncolor 12 mm (0.47") bolt, 3/8” screw thread and 16 mm (0.63") bolt

Accessories: MobiLED continuous lighting adapter

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