Broncolor Para 133 FT Kit (41.175.00)

Broncolor Para 133 FT Kit (41.175.00)

Price: £3,418.80
Weight: 11.000 Kgs
Code: 41.175.00

There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products as much volume and plasticity. broncolor Paras are the light system with the most variants. Whether as a powerful spot, a soft light cloud, with diffusers or honeycomb grids, for continuous lighting or flash operation – you achieve precisely the light you want. Always. Everywhere.

There are four sizes of Para: Para 88 HR, Para 133 HR, Para 177 and Para 222. The apex zone of Paras 88 HR and 133 HR is made of a special heat-resistant material. This enables continuous lighting at up to a maximum of 2000 W output for all Paras.

A Para FT Kit contains one Para light shaper including focusing device, focusing rod, tilt head, safety cable and a transport bag.

FT lamp/kit and stand are NOT included, but sold separately.

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With four clamping levers you can first set up the reflector on its own. Then fit the appropriate focusing rod to your Para.


With the Para FT system, an HMI bulb unit with counter reflector is fitted to the front end of the appropriate FT focusing rod. The lamphead with a ballast unit attached is mounted at the rear end of the focusing rod. Halogen lights can also be used with the FT system. For this a halogen bulb unit is simply fitted to the front end of the FT focusing rod. The lamphead
is then connected directly to the mains power supply without a ballast unit.


With the FT System and the FT focusing rod, only an HMI FT800/ 1600 or a Tungsten 2000 (230 V) / 1000 (120 V) lamp unit with counter- reflector can be used. In contrast to HMI lamps, which can also be used as independent lights, the FT System can only be used with a Para. Quick and uncomplicated - the FT System can be set up in just a few minutes.


The FT rod (for HMI or halogen) can be simply replaced by an F rod (sold separately) for mounting a flash source. And with the right adapter, broncolor lamps and those of many other manufacturers can be mounted in Paras.


Kit includes:

  • Para 133 HR (only in the Kit)
  • Focusing tube FT133 #33.715.00
  • Focusing device #33.504.00
  • Tilt head #33.505.00
  • 4 suspension ropes
  • Flash Bag 2 #36.532.00
  • Accessory Bag #36.535.00


Allowed max. power continuous light: 2000 W

F-stop at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 11 4/10

F-stop at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 4 4/10

Lux at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 24500 Lx

Lux at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 3500 Lx

Inside Coating: Silver

Dimensions: Open Ø 120 × 77 (30 × 47") / Close Ø 102 × 20 (40 × 8")

Weight: 6.9 kg (15.2 Ibs)

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