Broncolor Para 222 FT Kit (41.178.00)

Broncolor Para 222 FT Kit (41.178.00)

Price: £5,522.40
Weight: 15.000 Kgs
Code: 41.178.00

Powerful, flexible and really easy to use. Be enlightened by the broncolor FT System.

The broncolor FT System is a continuous lighting system, which is simply unbeatable for light output, flexibility and simplicity.

With four Para reflectors available including accessories, the FT System is as easy to extend as it is to use.

Is photography your passion, or is it video that turns you on? With broncolor's new continuous lighting solution, you no longer have to decide, because Paras paired with halogen or HMI FTs are the right choice for every image, whether it moves or not.

Lamp Device, Stand and Head are NOT included and must be purchased seperately.

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broncolor Paras were always known for their unique light characteristics. Outstanding quality need not always be complicated. By simply repositioning the light source, you can create the perfect light for every mood and image.


With the ability of focusing the light you will always achieve your objective, because you can direct the light precisely onto your subject so that it falls where you want it. The unique combination of an FT light source and a Para gives you a very high light output!



With four clamping levers (Para 88 HR and 133 HR) or a crank (Para 177 and 222) the reflectors can be unfolded first, independently of everything else. The focusing rod for that Para is then mounted and the lamp with its back reflector fitted at the front. The other end of the rod takes the lamphead with integral power supply unit – and ... finished!


Halogen light can also be used with the FT System. The FT focusing rod is then fitted with a halogen lamp. The lamphead is then connected directly to the mains without an electronic ballast unit. The FT rod (for HMI or halogen) can be simply replaced by an F rod for mounting a flash source. And with the right adapter, broncolor lamps and those of many other manufacturers can be mounted in Paras.


Should your needs grow, the system is modular and can be expanded as you wish. There is nothing that can come between your ideas and perfect lighting.



  • Para 222 Reflector
  • Focusing Tube FT222
  • Suspension Rope
  • Trolleybag Foldable


Allowed max. power continuous light: 2000 W

F-stop at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 11 2/10

F-stop at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 4 7/10

Lux at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 22000 Lx

Lux at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distanced (HMI FT1600): foc. 4400 Lx

Inside Coating: Silver

Dimensions: Open Ø 220 × 115 (87 × 45") / Close Ø 40 × 115 (16 × 45")

Weight: 13.5 kg (29.7 Ibs)

Weight:13.5 kg
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