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ShooTools Slider Modula 3 in 1 (SH03030235)

Price: £239.52
List Price: £598.80
Discount: £359.28 (60.00%)
Weight: 10.000 Kgs
Code: SH03030235

The right slider for every location!

Three interchangeable rails amplify your freedom of production, simply by combining different rails to suit your location and needs. Kit includes 40, 80 and 150cm rail.

We are official importers of Shootools products. If you can't find an item you're looking for, then give us a call.

If not in stock then available for dispatch within 5 working days.

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It used to be difficult choosing a particular length Slider, but now ShooTools have updated their Slider One line by removing the need for different size rails.


Introducing the Modula 3 in 1! Now it's possible to carry three different set-ups at once! With the ever-improved 40, 80 and 150 cm rails (each easily interchangeable by the user) there is a world of opportunity waiting for any creative. One product that satisfies all the users needs that avoids the initial problem of choosing the rail.


The Slider Modula is the ideal and practical solution for any shoot. The 40cm rail is valued for its unique transportability and is perfect for weddings and extreme locations, the 80cm rail is always a great solution and a good compromise between the 2 other sizes and the 150cm rail lets you realize stunning tracking shots or timelapses and is perfect for studio and location work.


This kit represents the best of ShooTools Technology. Each component has a high standard of quality and performance. Each slider is assembled, tested and packed manually by expert people in Italy.


Features include:

  • 3 Anti-Bending Tracks
  • Universal Carriage
  • Horizontal load ± 20 Kg
  • ShooTools Friction System  
  • No need for maintenance
  • Mountings for support legs included
  • Ready for the addition of the Motion Control for Modula (available seperately or as a kit)

The universal carriage is obtained through a CNC process from an aluminium block. With both Brake and Friction Systems, the carriage can be installed on any of the 3 rails within seconds.


Special wheels have been realized with a terrific ST-66 technopolymer, extensively studied by Shootools, guarantees maximum softness and extreme carriage fluidity. The carriage is composed of a 4-wheel assembly, each with 2 steel ball bearings, for the ultimate fluid movement.


A double Friction System acts both automatically or manually on the wheel assembly system, in real time, in order to adjust the feeling of your tracking shots.


3 anti-bending tracks, with the record width of 84 mm, guaranteee the utmost stability even when using the heaviest video cameras. Each Slider supports a load of over 20kg and is ready to be motorized or equipped with other accessories. Suitable for any type of photo or video head with a 3/8" thread, any Slider Modula rail can be quickly mounted onto a tripod or filleted tripod with 1/4" and 3/8" threads.



Delivered with:

  • 3 Rails (40 / 80 / 150 cm)
  • Carriage with Brake and Friction System
  • Non-woven fabric wrapper
  • Set-up Keys
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5-YEAR INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE! (Please refer to Terms of Sale and Guarantee section)
Max payload:20 kg
Weight:1.3 kg (40 cm) / 2.6 kg (80 cm) / 3.8 kg (150 cm) kg

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