California Sunbounce Sun-Scrim 8x8' Starter / Complete Kit (08B-0855STK)

California Sunbounce Sun-Scrim 12x12' Complete Starter Translucent/Diffuser Kit (-2/3rd stop) (12B-1255STK)

Price: £995.00
Weight: 7.000 Kgs
Code: 12B-1255STK

The static, square Sun-Scrim.

Closed, square frames selected for larger static objects or installations. They can be equipped with diffusing as well as reflecting screens. Available in four sizes.

At 12x12' in size, this Sun-Scrim is perfect for small/mid-sized areas as well as a pair of models, both in the studio and outside. Thanks to the construction, the frame can be mounted vertically or horizontally (overhead) using the included grip heads attached to stands.

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Sunbounce Sun-Scrims are closed, square, 2-dimensional frames used for larger, mainly static objects or installations. They can be equipped with diffusing as well as reflecting screens. They have been used in the film industry for a long time and are relatively new within professional photography.


Sunbounce adapted the standard construction (used by most other brands) and made it mobile.


Super lightweight and extremely stable, the anodised aluminium frame can be collapsed and bagged in seconds. Each Sun-Scrim frame segment used the unique Sand Groover connector, which prevents the plug-in connector from getting blocked by sand or dirt.


Sunbounce’s Sun-Scrim screens are grommeted with seam reinforcement along all edges. The screens attach to the frame with the included bungee snakes, which allow for a fast and secure fitting that stretches the screen tight like a drum-skin.


The Translucent -2/3rd Silk screen reduces the contrast more than the Translucent -1/3rd screen and makes wonderfully soft light, eliminating the majority of shadows. Output is improved in combination with reflectors.


The Carrying-Bag provides room for a complete Pro Reflector, as well as the attachment components. The Carrying-Bag is extremely light and includes padding that protects your valuable equipment.


Kit includes:

  • 1x 12x12' Frame (12B-000)
  • 1x Silk -2/3rd Stop Screen (000-1255)
  • 2x Grip Head (710-200)
  • 1x Tuning Clips (730-100)
  • 10x Bungee-Snakes
  • 34x Ties
  • Carrying Bag (780-100BL)

Note: Colours shown are not binding.

Total size:12' x 12' (366 x 366 cm)
Surface size:11.2' x 11.2' (340 x 340 cm)
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