Matthews Water Repellant Sandbag (11.5kg/25lb) – Orange (299599)

Matthews Water Repellant Sandbag (11.5kg/25lb) – Orange (299599)

Price: £48.00
Weight: 11.500 Kgs
Code: 299599

Matthews Sandbags come in a variety of shapes and weights. They are used for securing the bases of light stands and set walls. The #299599 Sandbag has two wings, allowing it to be draped over light stand legs.

Sold full.

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Sandbags are used whenever you need extra weight to prevent tipping. You usually "bag" stands, especially when the weight is off center, such as with a heavy Scrim. They help stabilize equipment in windy situations and can counter balance Boom Arm applications.

Matthews' #299599 Sandbag is sold filled with sanitized sand, to prevent algae growth if the bag gets damp.

Material:Waterproof Vinyl
Weight:12.7 kg
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