Matthews Dutti Dolly – Chrome Finish (395400)

Matthews Dutti Dolly – Chrome/Silver (395400)

Price: £1,620.00
List Price: £1,800.00
Discount: £180.00 (10.00%)
Weight: 15.000 Kgs
Code: 395400

“The idea for the Dutti Dolly came from a need by cinematographer, James Muro ASC. He always liked low shots. And to move quickly. So, I looked at various dollies and realized most of them rest higher on a track. I created the Dutti Dolly not only to rest lower - but also to be much more portable.” – James Saldutti (Dolly Grip and the inventor of the Dutti Dolly)

The Dutti Dolly is a rectangular CNC’d aluminum plate with a built in Mitchell mount, measuring just 20” x 24”, which rolls extremely low to the ground at just under 2” in height. The dolly is simple, as it rides on 8 inline skate wheels, which mount in pairs to the ½” thick aluminum plate.

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Dolly Grip James Saldutti, also referred to as 'Dutti' in the Hollywood community, began developing this dolly nearly 15 years ago. Since then, the dolly has become a necessary tool while being used on hundreds of feature films, television shows, and commercials to achieve hundreds of different shots, stunts, gags, and on occasion, some lite skateboarding in between takes.


Key features:

  • Extreme low angles with adaptability for any desired height. The dolly rides at just under 2” in height, on or off track.
  • The width, weight, and wheel design of the dolly give the operator the capability of hard whip pans and quick tilts, unlike some of the skate dollies out on the market. 
  • Will roll directly on the ground floor or any smooth surface, or can be used with a track, on or off stands, both over and underslung.
  • Inexpensive expendable track can be purchased at any industrial metal supply or home improvement store or you can purchase the Matthews right angle Dutti track which comes in 4, 8 and 12 foot lengths. The track stacks and nests nicely for storage and can be rested on apple boxes to achieve desired camera height.
  • The dolly fits in tight spaces where conventional dollies cannot fit. For example: airplane and bus isles, church pews, and many more.
  • Great for the long take. Dolly step offs using handheld, steady-cam or gimbal systems.
  • Because of its size, speed and mounting capabilities, the dolly is great for stunts or poor man’s process shots. Just ask Jackie Chan!
  • Mount tripods, bazookas, tilt plates and a variety of adapters directly to the dolly.
  • Rigging capabilities are endless due to the numerous tapped holes on the dolly board. Mount multiple dollies together tandem or side by side...or rig lights and props to it easily

Optional Accessories (not included, contact AJ's for availability):

  • Dutti Dolly Hard Case: PN 395400-11
  • Dutti Track
    • 4’: PN 395401
    • 8’: PN 395402
    • 12’: PN 395403 
  • Mitchel to Elemack Adapter: PN 515025
  • Mini Bazooka: PN 395326
  • Regular Telescoping Bazooka: PN 377702
  • Dutti Dolly Mitchell Riser Kit: PN 395500
  • Elemack to Mitchell Adapter: PN 395329 
  • Elemack to 75/100mm Bowl Adapter: PN 845120
  • Elemack to 150mm adapter: PN 845122 
  • Elemack Offset Arm: PN 515021 
  • Lazy Suzy: PN 415152
  • 3/8” male thread to 5/8” pin: PN 429779
  • 1/2-13” male thread to 5/8” pin: PN 429679
  • Mitchell to 100mm Adapter: PN 377709
  • Mitchell to 150mm Adapter: PN 377714
  • 1/2-13" to Junior Receiver: PN 429680
  • Seat and Riser Assembly w/ Offset Arm: PN 395310 
  • 3/8" to baby receiver: PN 861833
  • Low Profile Mitchell Tie Down: PN 1062-3

Delivered with:

  • (1) Dutti Dolly
  • (1) Low Profile Mitchell Tie Down

Note: Colour may vary from image shown.

Attachment:Mitchell System (75/100 and 150mm bowl adapters available)
Max payload:363 kg (800 lbs)
Height:3.5" (8.9 cm)
Height (min.):1.75” (4.45 cm)
Length:24" (61 cm)
Width:20" (50.8 cm)
Colour:May vary from image shown.
Material:CNC'd billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum
Weight:11.4 kg
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