Profoto Pro-B LiFe Battery + Cassette (900927)

Profoto Pro-B LiFe Battery + Cassette (900927)

Price: £685.20
Weight: 2.440 Kgs
Code: 900927

Get a spare battery and save yourself the trouble of having to worry about running out of power. The LiFe Battery for Pro-B2/Pro-B3 is a high capacity battery with an extended excellent working range from -20° to +50° C and a long lifetime.

  • High-capacity battery.
  • Provides up to 290 full-power flashes.
  • Charges in 5 hours with Battery Charger 2A.

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 Special Order – Contact us for an ETA.

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Profoto's LiFe batteries are certified so you can take them on a plane, no matter what your destination. All the documentation you need can be found under the download tab on the Profoto website. For Pro-B3, Pro-B2 and Pro-7b.


Additional notice: We recommend a service update of Pro-B2 if used with the LiFe battery in order maximize the benefit of the battery and prolong the lifetime of the generator. Please telephone or email for more information if needed.

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