Creative Light FF 40x40cm (1.3x1.3') Square Softbox (100808)

Price: £85.20
Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Code: 100808

Creative Light was a sub-brand of Profoto. All CL products are built to the same standard as Profoto, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now discontinued, the Creative Light FF (Flat Front) softboxes are designed with a full front diffuser. Great for creating seamless edges with other softboxes or illuminated surfaces. The even illumination permits multiple boxes to be stacked together to create larger, near-seamless light sources for bigger subjects.

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The Flat Front (FF) Softboxes have a unique high-efficiency silver lining that ensures more light reaches the subject than other brands. It also reflects the light back and forth within the box itself, homogenizing it. This ensures that when the light reaches the front of the softbox, it’s completely even from edge-to-edge, regardless what size box is used.


The softboxes feature a removable interior and an external diffuser. When both are used, edge-to-edge eveness is guaranteed. Creative Light Softboxes are constructed with reinforced stitching, ensuring no light is lost through the seams.


Also unique to the Softboxes is the use of all flexible steel rods rather than aluminum or fiberglass. The rigidity of steel maintains the shape of the softbox regardless of working conditions. These steel rods are perfect for flash units of any power or continuous lighting up to 650 Watts.


The CL Softboxes mount to the Profoto RFi and older RF speedrings, as well as the newer broncolor speedrings. Please contact us if you would like a speedring alongside the softbox, as we can provide a full bespoke quote.

Height:40 cm (1.3')
Width:40 cm (1.3')
Depth:28 cm (11")
Weight:(in softbag) 0.4 kg
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