Cambo MONO-2 Monostand-2 Black Studio Camera Stand Column – 9' (2.7m) (99131412)

Cambo MONO-2 Monostand-2 Black Studio Camera Stand Column – 9' (2.7m) (99131412)

Price: £1,026.00
Weight: 40.000 Kgs
Code: 99131412

The support you need at an economical price.

This mid-size studio stand offers many advantages over a tripod, especially when it comes to a rigid camera support and maneuverability for Digital and Analogue cameras up to medium format sizes/weights.

Includes column, geared movable crossarm, 3/8" Camera Mount.

Note: Base (and tray as depicted) is NOT included and must be purchased seperately.

 Not in stock – ETA 7-10 working days

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Available in 7' and 9' height columns, Cambo's Monostand is made of the same high-quality materials as stands selling for twice the price.


Features include:

  • Counter-balanced sliding collar that provides unrestricted movement up and down and 360° around the column
  • Three swivel casters on a cast-iron base enabling easy repositioning and locking
  • A 5cm diameter geared crossarm with a lateral displacement up to 30 cm (12”) that will support any medium format and lightweight view camera
  • A heavy-duty camera mount that can be positioned anywhere along the 65cm long crossarm. For extra support and control, we recommend a ball head to mount your camera.

The MONO-2 stand is not compatible with the MONO-0 T-Base and requires the CAL-0 Heavy Duty Base.


Delivered with:

  • (1) Column
  • (1) Geared Moving Crossarm
  • (1) 3/8" Camera Mount

Note: Base is NOT included and must be purchased seperately.

Capacity:2 - 8 kg
Height:270 cm
Weight:35 kg
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