Creative Light Reflector Deluxe Sunsilver/White 80cm/32" (100947)

Price: £62.40
Weight: 0.600 Kgs
Code: 100947

In addition to the existing line of the widely used collapsible CL Reflectors, the Deluxe versions have a special “squircle” shape with integrated handles. It is now even easier to shoot on location. The CL Deluxe Reflectors are constructed with quality fabrics, collapsible metal frames and customized handles creating stablity and making them easy to fold.

The Sunsilver reflector features a highly reflective surface, giving a high light output and a soft warm light.

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CL reflectors offer a simple solution instead of adding additional lights. Bouncing available light to open shadows, increase contrast or to change the direction of a light is easy with a design that gives you two reflectors in one.


The simple, spring-loaded design pops open and instantly achieves its full size. And it's two reflectors in one.


The simplicity is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Whether the modeling light of a flash is guiding your positioning, or you are using the continuous light of the sun or hot light, you see the direction and shape of the light and how it affects the subject. You also see how the reflector surface can alter color and contrast.

Diameter:80 cm (32")
Colour:Sunsilver / White
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