ShooTools SLIDER PRO 60/80/100/150 (SH031500XX)

ShooTools Slider Pro 100 Magnetic (SH03150015)

Price: £1,020.00
Weight: 4.000 Kgs
Code: SH03150015

The state-of-the-art professional slider.

With its unique design, lightweight construction and incredible capacity, the Slider Pro 100 is the perfect choice for photographers and filmmakers.


  • Slider Pro 100
  • Bag

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Magnetic Field
The Slider Pro is characterized by its innovative “Magnetic Field” Technology. Revolutionising the way you shoot: a magnetic field is generated between the lateral stoppers and the carriage at either end of the slider, slowing down the run of the carriage when reaching the end-stop. Thanks to this feature you’ll never impact against the end-stop, as well as generate new original bouncing effects and fabulous lateral or frontal accelerations.


The avant-garde gem: the rail has an exclusively unique construction, designed and extruded by ShooTools. Both lightweight and strong, the ShooTools Slider Pro uses a peculiar trapezoidal section, designed to be as steady as possible. Weighing only 2.8kg, the Slider Pro can support weights of over 50kg. The rail also hosts the carriage inside (as opposed to outside, as standard sliders do), allowing the rail to run with a better movement while protecting the wheels from any possible damage.


Iconic stability: the carriage is milled from a single piece of extruded aluminium, realised by high working mechanic precision within a hundredth of a millimetre. This ensures a high standard of resistance and load balance. The sophisticated friction system and brake on-board make the carriage an unrivalled mechanical masterpiece.


Special Wheels
The wheels are realised with an innovative ST-66 technopolymer (designed by ShooTools) in order to guarantee maximum smoothness and carriage fluidity. The main characteristics of this material are that it is resistant to extreme temperatures (+130 °C to -50 °C) and that it guarantees a high payload without deformations. Each wheel is characterised by a double steel ball-bearing that follows an exclusive ShooTools wheel assembly, resulting in superb fluidity of movement and performance.


Friction and Brake System
A double friction system allows the adjustment of the carriages movement in real time, by acting both on the wheel group and through the comfy knob. Both quick and easy to use, the new ergonomic brake system generates an extremely safe block, suitable for any kind of set-up (even the heaviest ones).


Wooden End-stops
The end-stops are made of wood and are pleasing to the touch, as well as offering a unique grip not found with a standard metal slider. Characterized by a low specific weight, the wood has a high mechanic resistance whilst looking exquisite.


Intergrated Feet
Integrated into the structure itself, the 4 adjustable feet are ready to use and can be easily and quickly moved along the full slider length.


Fixing Bases
The Slider Pro has two special bases with 1/4" and 3/8" thread holes, which are easily adjustable along the full rail and suitable for tripods. The carriage has a standard 3/8" thread to mount any kind of photo or video head.


Quality as Standard
Each component undergoes two distinct types of treatment. The first by shot peening through ceramic spheres. This increases the hardness and resistance of a component and, in addition, provides a pleasant hi-grip finish. The second treatment by anodizing at 30 microns. This protects the component from any external agent. These technical solutions allow you to use the Slider Pro in any environment or location, without compromise. ShooTools are so sure of this that every Slider Pro comes with an international lifetime warranty as standard.



  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic Field Technology
  • Friction System
  • Wheels slide inside the rail
  • Horizontal load capacity of ± 50 Kg
  • Total absence of maintenance
  • Integrated feet
  • Ready for motorization
  • Lifetime warranty


Delivered with:

  • Camera Slider Pro 80
  • Integrated feet
  • Set-up Keys
  • Instruction Manual
  • Non-woven fabric bag/case
  • LIFETIME INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE! (Please refer to ShooTools' Terms of Sale and Guarantee section)
Capacity:±50 kg
Weight:2.8 kg
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