NanGuang CN-100F Daylight LED Fresnel Spotlight (NGCN100F)

NanGuang CN-100F Daylight LED Fresnel Spotlight (NGCN100F)

Price: £1,019.94
Weight: 7.500 Kgs
Code: NGCN100F

The Nanguang CN-100F is NanGuang’s latest generation of lighting heads designed for professional studio use and features high efficiency LED technology.

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The CN-100F incorporates a Fresnel lens focusing from narrow to wide beam 10-65 degrees. This head also features a 2.4G radio receiver, dimming controls are by APP or 2.4G controller (not included).


The CN-100F comes with a full range of accessories including barn doors and filters in a fitted case. Cooling is by silent passive air, ideal for studio use, power is 24V DC via a transformer / mains cable, which is included.



  • High efficiency LED Fresnel spotlight
  • Multiple dimming options
  • Fresnel lens focusing from narrow to wide beam (10-65 degrees)
  • Barn doors and filters included
  • Supplied with fitted carry case


Delivered with:

  • CN-100F head
  • Barndoors
  • Fresnel lens
  • Filters (3200K, 4000K, 4800K)
  • Power adapter
  • Fitted case
Colour temp.:5600K (with filters included 4500K / 4000K / 3200K)
CRI:> 95
Beam angle:10-65 degrees (stepless control)
Dimming range:(control) Dimming / Wi-Fi / 2.4G wireless / DMX
Power supply:24V DC via 100-240V AC adaptor (included)
Cooling:Silent passive air
Total size:400 x 230 x 190 mm
Weight:3.85 kg
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