Elinchrom Eco Twin 85cm (33") Umbrella Set (26062)

Price: £30.00
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 26062

Quick assembly and efficient lighting.

Easy to set up, lightweight and fitting into most Elinchrom carrying bags, umbrellas are ideal for portraits and groups. With Elinchrom’s unique central shaft, Elinchrom's umbrellas offer the most symmetrical light distribution. All umbrellas are made with non-fluorescent material.

​This twin Umbrella set includes 1x translucent & 1x silver umbrella, both with protective sleeves. The silver is used for mid-crisp shadow effects while the translucent is a shoot through which gives softer shadows.

This is an ideal set to add to any set of units. 

This is the same product as the old Elinchrom 83cm Umbrella Set (26062).

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The set includes:


Eco Silver Umbrella 85cm (26350)
The silver Umbrella provides a crispy, directional reflected light with sharper contrast.


Eco Translucent Umbrella 83cm (26351)
The translucent umbrella can be used as a direct shoot through or indirect bounce light with a wide soft spread of light.


The Umbrellas are each delivered with a sleeve for transport and protection. The 7mm Umbrella shafts fit to Elinchrom Compacts and Heads with the centred Umbrella support.


Note: For better efficiency the 16cm Umbrella Reflector (26143) or the 18cm Grid Reflector (26080) can be used to focus the light into the umbrella.

Shaft diameter:7 mm
Colour:Translucent / Silver
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