Stabilmove C-731 Camera Crane (AJ-C-731)

Price: £900.00
Weight: 7.000 Kgs
Code: C-731

Filming in a new dimension.

The first crane to automatically adjust and align the camera during pivoting. With a Stabilmove crane, you are both mobile and extremely flexible. The C-731 is designed for any size camera up to a full-frame DSLR (3kg max, including ball head).

  • Adjustable controls turn the camera as it pivots.
  • Four crane models cover complete usability for every camera, from a lightweight smartphone to heavy-duty DSLRs.
  • Easily removeable plates by Manfrotto provide Stabilmove cranes with an extremely simple and fast setup.

Stabilmove are designed for anyone who wants to create vivid, smooth tracking shots, including film production crews, advertising agencies, hobby videographers and film schools.

Stabilmove is a patented system, made in Germany.

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The C-731 is the most robust Stabilmove crane. Because of its stronger profile, it can support more weight (up to a full-format DSLR). Despite its stability it is nevertheless very flexible in action and can be quickly assembled anywhere.


A quick and easy setup is a trademark of Stabilmove. This is made possible through the use of the Manfrotto 323 Quick Change Rectangular Plate Adaptor. This connection to the crane and camera is not included, but you can order this item separately here.


The completely tool-free setup applies to the counterweights as well. They are simply racked onto the crane. The chrome-plated weights have a rubber layer inside to ensure a stable hold.


Camera Cranes from Stabilmove are the first cranes to make possible four distinct camera tracking shots (see video):


Parallel Panning shot
When using the Parallel Pan function, the camera is always facing one specific direction. This function is comparable with that of a slider. This is due to the foreground and the background shifting relative to one another, which yields an impressively multi-dimensional depth.


Arc shot
With the Circular Pivot the camera stays angled toward the subject matter. Due to the camera automatically turning itself simultaneously to the crane’s rotation, the resulting shots are incredibly fluid and balanced. Until now, this kind of result was only possible with considerable technical effort.


Broad Pivot shot
The Broad Pivot is essentially a panoramic pan. However, in comparison to a tilting video head, the shots are markedly more spacious. With this function, the multi-dimensionality and depth of the pivot is also attained through the sliding of the foreground and the background relative to one another.


Vertical Crane shot
The Vertical Pivot enables the classic tracking shots you are familiar with from other cranes. With the Stabilmove cranes, however, you can combine this pivot with the other horizontal pivots the crane is capable of. The camera remains oriented horizontally. Using the two adjustment knobs on the anchoring sections you can adjust the descent smoothly.


With Stabilmove cranes we recommend using a ballhead, which markedly broadens the subject field. Each crane from Stabilmove is equipped with a quick change system; the necessary adaptor counterpart for the tripod and camera are not included. This accessory can be seperately here.


Included features:

  • Intergrated bubbel tube
  • Montitor mount compatible (mount available seperately here)
  • Transport lock
Capacity:3 kg (including ball head)
Height:17.5 cm
Length:82 cm
Width:9.5 cm
Max. extension:128 cm
Material:Anodized Aluminium / Stainless Steel
Weight:2.48 kg (6.23 kg including 3x 1.25 kg counter weights) kg
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