California Sunbounce Sun-Bouncer Pro 4x6' Starter Kit – Silver / White (100-110STK)

California Sunbounce Sun-Bouncer Pro 4x6' Super Saver Starter Reflector Kit (Silver/White) (200-210STK)

Price: £475.00
Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: 200-210STK

The ultra mobile Sunbounce Classic 3D Sun-Bouncer.

At 4' x 6', the Sun-Swatter Pro is perfect for reflecting and controlling light when shooting single models and full-body images, both in the studio and on-location.

The reflective screens are held by a stable aluminium frame. Strong holding and handling grips are part of this unique construction. In mobile applications, the system can be carried by one assistant. The Bouncer can also be attached to a tripod for static applications.

 Special Order – Shipped direct from Germany. Contact us for an ETA.

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The patented, three-dimensional and collapsible frame is super lightweight and extremely stable (even in windy conditions). The modular system allows you to combine the frame with different screens to take full advantage of any kind of light, making it a reflector, diffuser and light blocker (shade). The frames are made by hand from anodized aluminum and can be collapsed to fit into the Carrying-Bag within seconds.


In combination with Sunbounce's patented frame, the screen is stretched as taught as a drumhead, which guarantees reliably consistent diffusion. The Sun-Swatter creates a shadow that moves synchronously with the actors and models. The unique construction can be recognised immediately because they look like a giant fly swatter. Available screens include:


Kit includes the Silver/White screen. This material does not change the colour temperature but transmits the incoming light in a neutral manner. Hard light remains hard, soft light remains soft. Good light scoop.


The bag provides room for a Pro Sun-Bouncer, as well as the attachment components. Despite the padding to protect your valuable equipment it is extremely light.


Kit includes:

  • Frame 200-000
  • Screen 000-210
  • Grip-Head
  • Tuning-Clips
  • Shoulder Sling-Bag

Note: Colours shown are not binding, due to technical reasons.

Screen colour:Silver/White – Neutral reflection. Hard light remains hard and soft light remains soft. Good light scoop. Reverse is Neutral White.
Total size:4' x 6' (130 x 190 cm)
Surface size:3.6' x 6' (110 x 184 cm)
Material:Textile, Aluminium
Weight:2.33 kg
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