DoPchoice Snapgrid 40º for Snapbag for Kino Flo Diva-Lite / Select LED 30 (LVR-SL340S)

DoPchoice Snapgrid 40º for Snapbag DFS-F31S (LVR-F340S)

Price: £336.00
Weight: 0.650 Kgs
Code: LVR-F340S

As easy as 1... 2... 3...

The Snapgrid accessory is constructed of pre-stretched fireproof fabric with a built-in stainless steel frame.  It unfolds and snaps into place and is attached to the Snapbag with Velcro.

DoPchoice SNAPGRID® Technology is quick and easy to install. Winner of the 2010 Cinec Innovation Award.

Designed to fit the Snapbag #DFS-F31S.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – please contact us for an ETA

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No tummy.
Always tight. The built-in snap frame allows for fast set-up without the hassles of sagging when your Lightbank is in a horizontal position.


No hassle.
Easy to handle. The built-in snap frame allows for fast set-up via velcro. Every DoPchoice Snapgrid® comes with its own storage case.


No wearout.
Durable. DoPchoice Snapgrids® are manufactured using a specially developed robust fabric which keeps the grids stable. All strips are precisely sewn to the highest quality standard.


Delivered with:
Snapgrid #SGRF3W40
Carry bag

Height:8 cm (3")
Length:89 cm (35")
Width:61 cm (24")
Weight:0.55 kg
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