Dedolight Tecpro Liteflex Daylight Flexible LED Panel (TP-LF-D)

Dedolight Tecpro Liteflex Bicolour Flexible LED Panel (TP-LF-BI)

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Weight: 1.250 Kgs
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Tecpro Liteflex is a lightweight, versatile, multi-LED panel. Liteflex – as the name indicates – can be formed and shaped.

Exclusive to the Liteflex is that a shape, once adjusted (bent inward or outward, even in waves), will keep its shape without any additional accessories.

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Liteflex is available in 2 versions: as a monocolor, pure daylight version with 256 LEDs, and as a bi-color version with 512 LEDs. If you start counting them, you will be confused when it comes to the bi-color version, because you will see only 256 LEDs, however, in this bi-color version each individual LED light source includes 2 LEDs, one for daylight and one for tungsten.


The bi-color Liteflex allows adjustment of color temperature from 3200K to over 5600K. The rear side of the Liteflex panel is furnished with a Velcro surface and can be attached to suitable surfaces directly.


Power supply and electronics are placed in the so-called 'power stick'. This power stick accepts a 14.4V battery (Sony BP-U60), or can be powered externally with 12 - 20V DC. Cables for external powering exist with D-Tap connector for V-lock and Anton Bauer batteries. Others allow feeding from a cigarette lighter in a car or via a belt battery for Sony batteries 14.4V BPU60 or V-lock / Anton Bauer batteries.


The power stick is removable. The power cable between power stick and light panel can be extended. The power stick contains the operational elements for dimming and in the bi-color version also for change of color temperature. The power stick also includes a tilting stand fitting for 16mm studs (baby).


The color quality is among the best that can be reached today, regardless of whether you are looking at expanded CRI values (between 96 and 98), or TLCI evaluation (again between 96 and 98). The green/magenta deviation (Delta UV) is extremely small and was measured for low Kelvin values with 0.0023 and for daylight with 0.0008. This fulfills the highest expectations for an LED light fixture without green or magenta hues.


The light output is amazingly high, even a little higher than comparable panels. If you look around in the market – who doesn’t – you will be surprised, not only by the simplicity of operational elements, but also by the price. The flexible LED panel is rainproof on the LED side (IP67) and can be showered. The power stick is not waterproof. The flexible panel should not be treated by force or bent in extreme and narrow angles.

Colour temp.:3200 K – 5800 K
CRI:92 - 94
Weight:1.1 kg
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