Westcott Rapid Box 24

Westcott Rapid Box 2' (24") Collapsible Beauty Dish – Profoto Speedring (1454)

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Weight: 1.750 Kgs
Code: 1454

Designed for Convenience. Engineered to Last.

Designed by world-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this 24" collapsible beauty dish softbox is an ultra-portable modifier built with convenience in mind. This beauty dish directs a soft, clean pattern of light straight toward your subject. With a custom-designed white interior and durable components, this modifier creates true beauty dish lighting when paired with a strobe or continuous monolight.

  • High-quality collapsible beauty dish designed by Joel Grimes
  • 24" deep parabolic beauty dish collapses to under 6" in diameter
  • Instant umbrella-style set up with heavy-duty locking hardware
  • Reflective soft white interior with 16 durable all-metal ribs
  • Directs a soft, crisp light pattern towards your subject
  • Built-in speedring for select monolight heads
  • 650-watt heating rating

• In Stock – Available for dispatch today.

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The Rapid Box Beauty Dish is constructed with solid aluminum umbrella-inspired framework. This design maximizes durability, minimizes weight, eliminates the need for separate support rods, and makes setup a breeze. Everything is simple, quick, and compact. After your shoot, the Rapid Box Beauty Dish breaks down instantly into a sleek carry case for travel and storage.


By partnering high-end materials with a quick-collapse frame, our Rapid Box modifier series will give you the professional results you want without the tedious setup. The Rapid Box Beauty Dish is engineered for durability and years of use in the field. This modifier is constructed with ultra-durable components including an all-metal locking collar and 16 all-metal ribs.


The Beauty Dish's white interior is reflective and softening, perfect for creating neutral highlights in beauty and fashion portraits.


The Rapid Box Beauty Dish is designed for use with a variety of popular strobes and continuous light heads. This turnkey modifier attaches directly to your light source without any additional adapters. The included flat metal deflector plate minimizes hot spots and creates stunning and dramatic beauty dish-style light output.


The Rapid Box Beauty Dish's diffusion panel is constructed with an all-natural, unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion fabrics, this fabric will soften your light source without altering its color temperature.

Power:max 650W
Height:36.8 cm (14.5")
Length:45.7 cm (18")
Width:61 cm (24")
Material:Metal, Heavy Duty Nylon
Weight:1.1 kg
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