Gitzo Mountaineer Series 2 Long Carbon Fibre Tripod, 4-section (GT2543L)

Gitzo Mountaineer Series 2 Long Carbon Fibre Tripod, 4-section (GT2543L)

Price: £874.96
Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: GT2543L

The Gitzo GT2543L Long series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod is a perfectly balanced, lightweight and sturdy 4-section tripod designed to reach eye-level when fully extended.

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The Gitzo GT2543L reliably supports DSLRs with 200mm lenses (up to 300mm). It features Carbon eXact tubing with stiffer and larger leg diameters. Its top leg-section diameter of 29mm and high modulus carbon fiber lower leg sections make this tripod more rigid and stronger than others.


The Gitzo GT2543L weighs just 1.74 kg, reaches a height of 179 cm and folds down to 61 cm. This tripod is the perfect choice for passionate and demanding professional photographers who want extremely resistant, reliable support for impeccable photography.


The tripod’s rapid center column can easily be removed, transforming it into a ground level set enabling photographers to capture the broadest range of perspectives. It also has a reversible column mechanism.


The Gitzo GT2543L four-section legs are secured by G-lock Ultra twist locks, with a built-in O-ring that keeps dirt and dust out of the leg mechanism. The tripod’s top spider is newly designed for extra rigidity, and large leg angle selectors provide broader grip-area for leg-angle adjustment. The tripod features a stabilizer hook on its center column to add weight and increase stability when required. Its removable feet enable it to change and adapt to any type of surface. A wide array of heads and other accessories can easily be added via the 1/4″ and 3/8″ attachments on the upper disc.



  • Reversible column – rapid column can easily be inverted for an alternative shooting angle or low level macro work
  • Hook – built-in accessory allows you to hang a stabilizing weight (e.g. a full camera bag or a sand/water bag) from the bottom of the tripod centre column
  • Removable feet – allows you to easily change worn out rubber feet or to fit other accessories, such as spiked feet or snow/sand shoes
  • Carbon eXact tubes – even stiffer to maximize rigidity and image stability
  • G-lock ultra system – smoother and softer to use, and designed to reduce dust and grit from getting in
  • Ground level set (with unlocking ring) – permits to remove the centre column to get the camera closer to the ground
  • Leg angle selector with spring – large grip space and features a built-in spring to help speed up switches between the 3 leg angles (23°, 55°, 83°)
Attachment:1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw attachment type
Safety payload weight:18 kg
Height (max.):179 cm (151 cm with center column down)
Height (min.):16 cm
Length:(closed) 61 cm
Colour:Noir Decor color
Weight:1.74 kg
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