Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R Meter (651136)

Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R Colour Meter (651136)

Price: £1,789.96
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 651136

The world's first* stand-alone spectrometer that measures every light, plus wireless flash.

The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700/C-700R is the first spectrometer that measures every light source (LED, HMI, Fluorescent and the natural light spectrum) PLUS wireless flash (C-700R only). In addition, with its CMOS linear sensor, the SpectroMaster C-700/C-700R makes it possible to capture spikes in light source output, especially fluorescent and LED lighting, providing unmatched color measurement accuracy.

Precise measurements of LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Electronic Flash and Natural Light Spectrum set the C-700 series apart from other spectrometers.

Identical to the C-700, the "R" model adds wireless triggering for your flash and camera.

*As of August 2015, by research of Sekonic Corporation

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The C-700 series takes a quantum leap forward in colour control technology for today’s photographers. With a touch of your finger you can select ambient or flash colour temperature measurement with just the filter compensation value you need. Balancing multiple light sources for clean neutral lighting has never been so quick and accurate. Popular light balancing and colour correction filter brands have already been loaded to provide a familiar and convenient work-flow. Sophisticated features such as selective wireless flash triggering (C-700R only with PocketWizard® transceivers) truly offer photographers the first advanced Spectrometer designs with still and motion shooters in mind.


When your work demands motion, the C-700 really shines with uncompromising precision measurement and correction for LED, HMI and fluorescent lighting. Viewing and comparing the spectral energy distribution of your measured light sources provide real time validation of what your lightings are capable of doing and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Whether your white balancing, Multi-light balancing, creating color lighting effects or striving for accurate color reproduction, the C-700 series is the ultimate colour control tool.


The C-700 can measure the true colour temperature of a light source from 380 to 780 nanometers (nm). What makes the C-700 series truly unique and exceptional is its ability to not only measure conventional continuous light sources but also electronic flash, in addition to emerging light sources. Utilizing its measuring and evaluating process, it can capture spikes in light sources, especially those from fluorescent and LED’s, providing unmatched color measurement accuracy in the an affordable end-user friendly spectrometer designed especially for the photo/video industry.

Power supply:AA (1.5v) x 2 pcs, USB bus power
Total size:73 (w) x 183 (h) x 27 mm (d) (2.9 x 7.2 x 1.1”) (excluding protruding part of light receiving)
Weight:(without batteries) 0.24 kg
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