Broncolor Double Hot Shoe Adapter (36.137.00)

Broncolor Double Hot Shoe Adapter (36.137.00)

Price: £98.40
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 36.137.00

Are you combining different methods of synchronisation such as broncolor RFS, RFS2.X, PocketWizard but your camera has only one hot shoe? Then you can rely on the broncolor hot shoe adapter 2 in 1.

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Simply mount the hot shoe adapter on your camera and the two triggers on top of it. All the flashes connected will fire every single time without any delay.


This is a very simple, safe and reliable way to combine any two triggers from the following list:

  • broncolor RFS, RFS 2, RFS 2.1
  • PocketWizard PlusX, Plus III and MultiMax
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