Profoto HR Softbox 1.5x4' RF (45x120cm) Strip (100483)

Profoto HR Softbox 1.5x4' RF (45x120cm) Strip (100483)

Price: £525.00
Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: 100483

HR Softboxes are dedicated to our continuous lights and designed to be extra heat-resistant. Strip softboxes are perfect rim lights that also can be used to create long and perfectly even highlights with soft edges.

The HR Softbox Strip is offered in four sizes – 1x3’, 1x4’, 1x6’ and 1,5x4’.

  • Creates a soft and flattering light.
  • Heat resistant for use with both flashes and continuous lights.
  • Recessed front for precise control.
  • Double-layered diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior.
  • Made with high-quality fabrics, ensuring that the softbox can endure even the toughest working environments.
  • Velcro attachments mean hassle-free assembly and disassembly.
  • Requires an HR Speedring (sold separately).
  • Designed for years of everyday use.
  • Delivered in a labeled soft case.

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Strip softboxes are often used as rim lights that effectively separate the subject from the background. They are also a favorite of product photographers requiring a long and narrow reflection with soft edges. In addition, they are a great asset when you’re shooting in a confined area.

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