Profoto ProBox Boxlight (900561)

Profoto ProBox (900561)

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Small box for lighting small reflective objects.

This 20x30 cm box light, with extremely even illumination from corner to corner, is the perfect light source for small reflecting objects. Several boxes can be grouped together to achive a larger lighting area. Directly mounted on all Profoto flash heads like a reflector.

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The ProBox is primarily meant to provide even lighting for small subjects. Similar in effect to small soft box, the ProBox offers additional advantages of being rigid. Reflections in glass and silver can often show wrinkles and imperfections in soft fabric diffusers. The solid face of the ProBox offers perfectly even edge-to-edge illumination without reflection. And since the front is waterproof it is perfectly suited to "Pour" or "Splash" shots as it can be quickly dried in between exposures to keep reflections clean.


The 20x30cm size is perfect for most of tabletop applications, however if situations call for a larger light source, the ProBox excels simply by stacking several boxes together. The wrap of the edge permits additional units to be joined seamlessly when fired. Since the ProBox accepts standard heads it offers true proportional modelling light control, and the use of multiple boxes permit also higher light output when several boxes are used. The ProBox fits directly on Acute/D4 and ProHead flash heads with max. 250W model light.

Delivered with: 
  • Table stand 310 mm
Size:20 x 30 x 10 cm (7.9 x 11.8 x 3.9")
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