Broncolor RFS 2.2 F HS Transmitter for Fujifilm (36.163.00)

Broncolor RFS 2.2 F HS Transmitter for Fujifilm (36.163.00)

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Code: 36.163.00

broncolor HS for Fuji.

The new RFS 2.2 trigger is designed to activate the HS (HyperSync) option on the Siros L monoblocs, as well as provide new HS functionality to the existing broncolor Move battery power pack.

The broncolor HS function lets you use flash in combination with very short shutter speed settings on your cameras.

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broncolor HS can be used with Siros L and Move. All you need for this, is the RFS 2.2 transmitter, which is available for Nikon, Canon or Sony cameras. In addition, 'HS' must be activated on all flash units in use. This modifies the flash curve and guarantees, in combination with RFS 2.2, correct exposure with no limits on your choice of shutter speed.


The RFS 2.2 transceiver operates as a remote control or radio flash trigger for one or more broncolor power packs or monolights equipped with an RFS 2 interface. Power packs or monolights not equipped with an RFS 2 interface can be operated by connecting an RFS 2.2 transceiver (as a receiver).


RFS 2.2 as a Transmitter
RFS 2.2 is product specific for Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fuji cameras and is optimized for its operation. Based on the specific construction of the hot shoe for these camera systems, the use with other brands is not recommended or needs to be tested first.


RFS 2.2 as an HS Transmitter
In HS mode, the transmitter is factory set to work correctly with all camera models of Nikon, Sony, Canon or Fuji. The time between flash triggering and shutter opening is controlled by a pre-programmed trigger delay so that optimum lighting results with an exposure time of up to 1/8000 s may be achieved. When HS is active, you can choose through the HSMA menu (HS Manual Adjust) the optimal exposure depending on the camera model. The purpose of HSMA mode is to override the automatic HS flash trigger.


Note: A change of the flash tube is not necessary, either with Move or with Siros L. For Siros L units, a software update to version 52.04 is recommended. This update improves the HS function and may be downloaded from the main broncolor website: However, for the Move 1200L, a more comprehensive software update is required. This update must be installed at an authorised broncolor service centre. Note that HS for Move is optimised for the use with one lamp. If working with two lamps only a symmetric power distribution is possible.

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