Cambo QR-XL Plate (99121810)

Cambo QR-XL Plate

Price: £150.00
Weight: 2.000 Kgs

The QR-XL plate is a long plate with 2 slots for custom mounting cameras to the PCH or CBH-6 heads.

Its use is dual purpose. It allows for setting the center of gravity above the center of the gear head or ball head for perfect balance, especially with longer and larger lenses.

Secondly, this plate allows you to find the ideal (nodal point) center of the lens to be placed above the rotation point for spherical or round-shot captures.


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Photographers wishing to use medium format or DSLRs with longer lenses, balance is important, the QR-XL long plate enables you to re-position and find the centre of gravity. When capturing spherical and 360º images this plate is used for setting the nodal point enabling you to capture images accurately for stitching. There is sufficient length for cameras when working with VR, measuring 203mm and has an accurate 180mm engraved scale.

The QR-XL dove tail plate is Arca compatible and can be used with the CBH-6 ball head. There are two slots each measuring 80mm to give you more options when using different sized cameras and lenses.

A standard 1/4” camera screw is provided and an end stop is fixed to give security and prevents the plate from sliding fully out of the tripod head.


  • Length: 203 mm
  • Fitting: Arca compatible
  • Weight: 134 gram
  • 2 slots: each 80mm
  • Repositionable end stop
  • Camera fitting: 1/4"

Camera NOT included.

Attachment:203 mm
Height:130 mm (inc. plate)
Length:203 mm
Weight:0.134 kg
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