*DISCONTINUED* Profoto Giant White 150cm (5') (100314)

*DISCONTINUED* Profoto Giant White 150cm (5') (100314)

Price: £1,184.40
Weight: 2.500 Kgs
Code: 100314

*DISCONTINUED* Creates a soft, natural light.

The Giant White creates a big, soft and natural looking light that is perfect for portraits and weddings, among other things. In addition, the Giant Whites are surprisingly portable and easy to mount and dismount, which has led to them being a common sight on on-location shoots.

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Profoto's Giant 150 and 210 reflectors (often used with the photographer standing in front of the reflector) give you the unique combination of a soft light and crisp highlights. Very popular in fashion photography. Very popular also because they are easily setup and dismantled. Both Profoto models offer four focusing positions of the head, from directed to flood fill. Using optional diffusers softens the light further.


Large silver umbrella/reflector with a diameter of 150 cm (5’), resulting in a brilliant and distinctive light output. The low weight and easy handling makes the Giant Silver perfect for on location work as well. A versatile and affordable light shaping tool for people, fashion and beauty photographers.

  • Creates a very large light source.
  • Three different zoom positions thanks to exchangeable poles and different lamp head positions.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.
  • Surprisingly light and portable.
  • Designed to withstand years of professional use.
  • Optional front diffuser available.


Delivered with: 

  • Stand attachment
  • Two different extension poles
  • Lamp holder
  • Transport bag


General Specifications:

  • Output 2400 Ws (ISO 100)
    • f-stop at @ 2 m: 64
    • f-stop at @ 4 m: 32
    • f-stop at @ 10 m: 16
  • Compatible heads: All Profoto heads, including ProTungsten Air and ProDaylight Air
Diameter:150 cm (59 in)
Weight:2.3 kg
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