Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit (26362)

Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit (26362)

Price: £85.00
Code: 26362

Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit

Two Umbrellas 105 cm in Silver and White/Translucent. Silver for more contrast and intense lighting. Translucent as a shoot-through or bounce for soft and wide even spread with the unique option of keeping the cover on to make it white for a more neutral and soft look. These light modifiers are simple and straightforward to use and ready to go. Ideal for easy setups and groups of people.

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Kit Includes:
1x Elinchrom Large 105cm Silver Umbrella 26348
1x Elinchrom Large 105cm White / Translucent 2 in 1 Umbrella 26359
2x Carrying Bag
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