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X-Rite Colorchecker classic  8.1 x 11.375 in. (20.57 x 28.9 cm) (MSCCC)

X-Rite Colorchecker classic 8.1 x 11.375 in. (20.57 x 28.9 cm) (MSCCC)

Price: £80.00
Weight: 0.200 Kgs

ColorChecker Classic Standard:

This is the standard size of the ColorChecker Classic that has been an essential tool for demanding imagemakers for more than 40 years.

Each of the 24 colors found in ColorChecker Classic represents the actual color of natural objects, such as human skin, foliage and blue sky, and reflects light just like its real-world counterpart. Since they exemplify the color of their counterparts and reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum, the squares will match the colors of representative samples of natural objects under any illumination, and with any color reproduction process. Each solid patch is formulated individually to produce a pure, flat, rich color. Now even more powerful – create both custom ICC and DNG camera profiles! ColorChecker Classic targets have been used by Color perfectionists for the past decade to create custom DNG profiles for Adobe Lightroom® and Photoshop® workflows. Now you can also build custom ICC camera profiles for use in Capture One® (or other ICC compatible software) when you combine ColorChecker Classic with X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Calibration software. You’ll get accurate color at capture based on specific lighting, camera and lens combination during any given shoot, saving valuable time in edit.


ColorChecker Classic is available in five sizes, from the smallest Nano to the largest MEGA so you will have the right size target for every type of shooting situation. Please contact us for more information.

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ColorChecker Classic is an array of 24 natural object, chromatic, primary and gray scale colors, arranged in four rows. Using any of the industry-standard Classic targets is easy.

Simply include your preferred size ColorChecker Classic in your photo or video capture and then when editing, use it to create custom camera profiles, color grade video footage or visually compare, measure and analyze differences in color reproduction in any color rendition system. This objective standard will speed up your color correction process and help you avoid costly mistakes and trial-and-error color adjustments. ColorChecker Classic targets can help you make global corrections based on accurate information. If you shoot a large number of images that all require the same color correction, you know that editing a few key photos and applying your changes can sometimes change colors you didn’t intend to be changed.

A shot of the ColorChecker Classic captured under the same lighting as your images will provide a point of reference, so you can see exactly how changes will affect the rest of your colors before you apply them. Create Custom Camera Profiles Take your digital photography to the next level and create custom camera profiles.

Combine the X-Rite Camera Calibration Software (free download) with your Classic target to quickly and easily create a custom DNG, Dual Illuminant DNG or ICC profiles. Each profile takes into account your camera, lens and lighting combination to provide you with more exact color.

The Camera Calibration software supports Adobe Lightroom® , Adobe Photoshop® and Capture One® workflows, plus any other ICC profile compatible software. Use either the desktop application or the included Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In. Utilize the X-Rite DNG ProfileManager utility to manage your DNG camera profiles. It provides a single list of all installed DNG profiles, including non-printing data such as file name, camera, light-source(s), and creation date. Download here.


White Balance Correction very light gray square on the bottom row is the same color utilized in the X-Rite White Balance target. You can use this square to correct white balance in your images to ensure precise, uniform, neutral white under any lighting condition. Create Custom Scanner Profiles Pair ColorChecker Classic with i1Studio or i1Profiler software (both sold separately) to create a custom ICC profile of your scanner.


How Big is Your Story?
No matter what size shoot you’re on, ColorChecker Classic targets have you covered!



  • ColorChecker Classic target is supported by these 3rd party software vendors:
  • Black Magic DaVinci Resolve for color grading in a video editing workflow
  • Hasselblad Phocus for ICC camera profiling 3DLUT Creator
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