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*USES* Broncolor Para 330FB Reflector Umbrella with shipping case (33.486.00)

*USED* Broncolor Para 330FB Reflector Umbrella with shipping case (33.486.00)

Price: £3,995.00
Weight: 35.000 Kgs
Code: 33.486.00-U

This listing is for our used Para 330 FB.

The Para 330 FB is a 330cm (3.3m, 10.8ft) Giant Umbrella Reflector made in Switzerland by the legendary Broncolor lighting company. This is possibly one of the rarest light shapers available anywhere and possibly one of 2 or 3 in the entire UK. I would go as far as saying that we are the only dealer in Europe, if not the world to have one for sale and in this condition, with Broncolor Diffuser 2 and purpose made flight case.

The Para 330 FB was originally designed to work with the Broncolor Ringflash found here but it will also work with any Broncolor Pulso Lamphead. 

This Broncolor Para 330 is in exceptional condition and found with additional diffuser and flight case. We are happy at time of writing for clients to visit our showroom and see this for themselves. 

Requires a Wind-Up stand or similar. 
Other items shown in the image are just for a visual guide and not included with this sale.

More images to follow.

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Broncolor Para 330 FB 33.486.00 overview

The Broncolor Para 330 FB is a parabolic 3.3m (10.8ft) umbrella with 24 indervidual panels.  These panels are made with a reflective silver coating on the inside. The Para range of reflectors have a very precise front focusing device optimized for operation with Pulso G, Pulso Twin and Pulso 8 flash heads. It may also be used with the Broncolor daylight lamp head HMI F575 as well as (with restrictions) with the Primo flash head.


The design of the Para 330FB results in a very high light efficiency. The light stays constantly brilliant, shrouding the object like a cloud of light and bringing out detail. Due to the calculated parabolic form of the umbrella, the falling-off of the light is only low towards the edge. While mounting, a new mechanism stretches the umbrella without effort by means of a rotary winch mechanism. The aluminum rod with continuous fine adjustment, and lamp support serve for focusing the light source, by moving the lamp head within the optical axis.


To stabilize the Para 330FB, four fastening-eyes are integrated on the outer side. With these, the umbrella can be suspended from the ceiling or secured on the ground by means of tension ropes. It can be shut like a normal umbrella and folded lengthways for transport and storage.


The Para 330 FB Wraps a subject in soft bounce light with specular highlights.
Variable focus allows adjustment of softening and dispersion of light from Broncolor flash or HMI head.
For the Pulso 8, Twin, F2/F4 lamp heads and HMI F575, the modification set "stand holder", #S0031.00, is required.
If the Para 330 FB is used with the Primo lamp head, there are some restrictions with regard to illumination, the light efficiency as well as the possibilities of variation of the light characteristic.

Supplied with

  • Broncolor Para 330FB Reflector Umbrella
  • Tilt head
  • Focusing device
  • Support for lamp head
  • 4- Tension ropes
  • Protective glass mat for Pulso G
  • Mounting instructions
  • 6 month AJ's warranty
Attachment:Broncolor, possibly Profoto
Surface size:330cm (10.8cm)
Weight:9kg for the Para only kg
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