Profoto XL 120V StillLight for Pro Packs (100739)

Profoto XL 120V StillLight for Pro Packs (100739)

Price: £6,194.40
Weight: 19.000 Kgs
Code: 100739

Profoto XL 120V StillLight for Pro Packs

StillLight XL

  • The Profoto StillLight XL 60 x 80 cm is a rigid light box with an even illumination and extremely low light fall-off from corner to corner for advanced still life, pack shot and food photography. The ideal main light source that creates a soft character with very homogeneous highlights and edge shadows on glossy subjects like glass, jewellery and metal.

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The StillLight XL is delivered with 3 lamp cables (each connected to 1 linear flashtube) which allows distinctive graduation control when used with asymmetric or separate generators. This gives the possibility of connecting up to 3 D4/4800 to get close to 15.000 Ws in the StillLight XL.

It also allows you to control the 3 light zones individually. When using the StillLight XL on one D4 (which has 4 fully asymmetric outlets) it is possible to control each of the three light zones individually in 1/10 f-stop increments. The StillLight XL is delivered with a strong 1000 W model light. Delivered with a solid yet flexible stand bracket for easy handling. Optional barn doors for stray light control are available.

Recommend for use in combination with the Profoto EasyStand XL.

Delivered with: 
  • 3 flash tubes
  • 3 lamp cables
  • Model lamps
  • Stand adapter


Specifications – StillLight XL

Flash capacity

3 x 4800 Ws

Modeling light

9 x 150 W prop.

Flash tube Uncoated flash tube
Output 2400 Wsf-stop at 2 m @ settings


Glass cover -
Fan -
Cable length

3 x 5 m

Fuse -

Compatible generators

Pro-B3 1200 Yes
Pro-7b 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 2400 Yes
Pro-7a 1200 Yes
Pro-7a 2400 Yes
Pro-8a 1200 Yes
Pro-8a 2400 Yes
D4 1200 Yes
D4 2400 Yes
D4 4800 Yes
AcuteB2 600 Yes
Acute2 1200 Yes
Acute2 2400 Yes



61 x 81 x 20 cm

8.3 x 31.9 x 7.9 in

Weight 19 kg 

41.89 lb
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