Pony Spring Clamp 6

Pony Spring Clamp 6" long MEDIUM, multi purpose orange clamp (3202HT)

Price: £7.20
Weight: 0.180 Kgs
Code: 3202HT

Pony Spring Clamps are convenient, inexpensive "extra hands". Spring operated jaws hold any material quickly and efficiently. Hand pressure spreads jaws to grip work. Use wherever relativelt light pressure is adequate and where speedy application and removal are important.

Pony Clamps have a spring action that allows instant opening and closing where fast, easy application to or removal from the work is required and where pressure is adequate. Non-slip jaws become parallel at maximum opening capacities.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – please contact us for an ETA

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o- Medium Size: 6inch length
o- Light-weight, nickel-plated steel jaws
o- Heavy-duty tempered steel spring for maximum strength
o- Handles designed for optimum comfort with minimised spread
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