Pack of 12 Red Wing Coloured Quick Straps/ ties for the studio (RD1060)

Red Wing 12x Quick Strap 1 x 8" (2.5 x 20cm) Multi-Coloured Hook and Loop Cable Ties (RD1060)

Price: £10.00
Weight: 0.100 Kgs
Code: RD1060

The ultimate all-purpose strap in the studio and on-location for wrapping cords, cables, etc.

Made of a high-quality, one-piece fastner material with hook on one side and a loop on the other so it adheres to itself.

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These are brand new in their original packet. Really good quality cable ties used to keep cables neat and tidy in a studio environment.


The different colours can help distinguish between different cables, making it easier to stay organised. 


Material: hook and eye
Size: 1x8" (2.5x20cm)
Quantity: 12
Colours: Blue, green, yellow, red (multi-coloured pack, 3x each)
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