California Sunbounce Extendable Flash-Bracket (710-SFB2)

California Sunbounce Extendable Flash-Bracket (710-SFB2)

Price: £90.00
Weight: 0.250 Kgs
Code: 710-SFB2

The Flash-Bracket is a valuable accessory for the Sunbounce lighting system. Never before has it been so easy to build a large and mobile panel light using Sunbounce components.

The California Sunbounce Extendable Flash-Bracket lets you attach a hotshoe flash/speedlight or video light to a Sunbounce reflector, particularly the Sun-Bouncer Micro-Mini. It's also great for those times when there's no sun to bounce.

  • Extendable from 30-45 cm (12-18"), clamp may need support if the flash is too heavy
  • Fits all tubes from 15-25 mm
  • Lightweight aluminium construct

 Special Order – Shipped direct from Germany. Contact us for an ETA.

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The tilting grip clamps onto the tubing of the frame, while the positionable hotshoe lets you to aim your flash head exactly where you want it. The hotshoe can be exchanged to the 5/8" Spigot Adapter.

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