Shootools DOLLY 360 (SH06030005)

*Ex-Demo* ShooTools Dolly 360 (SH06030005)

Price: £594.00
Weight: 5.000 Kgs
Code: SH06030005

*EX DEMONSTRATION* Shootools Dolly 360

The camera skater that allows your imagination maximum freedom of movement that also turns into a motorized turntable.

Length: 400 mm
Width: 400 mm
Height: 400 mm
Weght: 3.5 kg
Weight Capacity: 50 kg

5-YEAR INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE! (Please refer to Terms of Sale and Guarantee section)

Available for dispatch within 3 days

 Shipped direct from our supplier – please contact us for an ETA

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DOLLY 360 is equipped with:

  • Camera skater – complete with adjustable wheels, brakes and support with a 3/8” male thread for video and photographic heads. 
  • Cordura Case
  • Ready Motorization

The DOLLY 360 is a truly complete system for video and allows you to perform any type of movement.

The Dolly comprises of two solid aluminium sections, which can be taken apart with three practical handles; its three 78 Shore polyurethane wheels have ABEC 9 bearings for maximum smoothness and are mounted on adjustable radial rotating clusters, which can be set against a handy scale. This way, it’s possible to control and quickly adjust the angle of each wheel cluster to create the perfect circular tracking shot to suit your needs.

With the electronic system (optional), all of its movements can be pre-programmed with extreme precision. It is possible to transform the DOLLY 360 into an extremely handy 40-cm diameter turntable (for still life and for objects at 360°), with complete control from a 30-cm height from the turntable, allowing for shots from below as well. This allows you to create interesting effects during shooting, saving valuable time in post-production.

DOLLY 360 is a truly complete motorized system for video and DSLR cameras, because it allows you to perform any type of movement to meet your creative needs. You can easily and intuitively control any type of movement you want the skater to perform: from perfectly linear or circular tracking shots to tracking shots rotating on its axis. All of these are made possible by its three 360° swivelling wheels.

The DOLLY 360 is designed for motorization: through a high performance motor (Skater Tools Pro Motor) and Powertools electronic system, all of its movements can be pre-programmed with extreme precision. Powertools is the electronic system which manages all Shootools devices; it’s extremely easy to use and allows you to control multiple parameters such as: speed, direction, distance, acceleration, deceleration, as well as creating time-lapse and much more.

Any video or photographic head with a 3/8” female head can be mounted onto Rolley. It is also possible to mount video cameras with rail, dof, lens hood and interchangeable lenses.


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