Profoto Pro-B Head Plus UV 250W Flash Head with Disc Reflector (900755)

Profoto Pro-B Plus Head with Disc Reflector (900755)

Price: £956.40
Weight: 2.500 Kgs
Code: 900755

Top performance head for on-location work.

The Pro-B Head Plus is dedicated for use with the Pro-B4 and former Pro battery packs. The Pro-B Head Plus is similar to the ProHead Plus, but it is smaller and lighter because it does not have the fan.

The Pro-B Head Plus is an upgrade of the classic Pro-B head.

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The Pro-B Head Plus is the standard head to be used with Profoto's Pro battery packs. It is very similar in design to the ProHead but because it has a less powerful modeling light it doesn’t have a fan. This means the head is smaller, lighter and better suited for on-location work.


The Pro-B Head Plus is compatible with more than 120 Profoto light shaping tools and designed to support the Profoto zoom function. It’s a unique feature that allows you to shape light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.

  • Superior performance in a tough and compact casing.
  • “Perfect Arc” flash tube included – a heavy-duty quartz flash tube that guarantees perfect light and maximizes its lifetime.
  • Very safe to use thanks to the extra thick UV reducing glass cover and sealed arc-proof connector.
  • Compatible with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools.
  • Profoto Disc Reflector or Profoto Zoom Reflector included.
Delivered with: 
  • Disc Reflector
  • Quartz flash tube “Perfect Arc”
  • 100W Halogen modelling lamp
  • Removable frosted glass cover
  • Protective transportation cap
  • Stand adapter
  • 4m (13 ft) lamp cable with sealed arc-proof connector


Flash capacity: 1 Ws - 1200 Ws

Modeling light: 100 W

Flash tube: Uncoated flash tube

Output 1200 Wsf-stop at ISO 100 @ 2 m @ head settings:    

  • Magnum Reflector @ 8: 90.3
  • Zoom Reflector @ 4: 45.3
  • White Umbrella @ 7: 22.3

Glass cover: 75 mm Frosted UV-coated

Cable length: 4 m

Diameter:10 cm (4")
Depth:22 cm (8.5")
Weight:1.8 kg
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