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Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Pro for Canon

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Hi-Sync is the exclusive Elinchrom technology to go beyond the X-Sync of your DSLR camera.  Imagine having all the features...
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Hi-Sync is the exclusive Elinchrom technology to go beyond the X-Sync of your DSLR camera. 

Imagine having all the features you could possibly want in one single transmitter.
With the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro, you can access TTL (Through the Lens) on your Elinchrom ONE, ELB 500 TTL, ELC 125 and ELC 500 to give you a head start with your lighting. Conveniently, High Speed Sync and Hi-Sync are automatic and enable seamless synchronisation at speeds of up to 1/8000s with select Elinchrom units. Freeze motion, darken and overpower ambient light or use a wider aperture: it’s all that simple.

The Elinchrom Transmitter Pro is more than a trigger  for flash units, it’s the key to a whole new world.

The most advanced Elinchrom Transmitter Pro ever, it gives Elinchrom users the ability to control and visualise power settings across all their lights directly from the transmitter, plus allowing the ability to shoot at speeds up to 1/8000s in Hi-Sync mode.

Elinchrom transmitter Pro features:

  • Large LCD with unique, real-time display of remote flash power settings
  • Easy access buttons and Digital Dial for fast setup and control
  • 20 Channels*, 4 Groups for Normal and Speed Sync Modes
  • Hi-Sync, up to 1/8000sec with Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Extended working range up to 656ft (200m)
  • AF Illuminator and sure-lock mounting foot
  • USB port for future-proof upgrades

Elinchrom Transmitter Pro Compatability

It is more reliable than the older Skyport models, offers full control over all of your Elinchrom strobes and includes a host of technological advances that have been perfected to a degree that has to be tried to believe.

Synchronization up to 1/8,000th second

Using the Transmitter Pro you can now sync any Elinchrom flash with EL-Skyport capability at up to 1/8000th second. This will work best with the new HS flash heads but can still be used with any Elinchrom flash head.

Expanded range

The new transceiver can now trigger strobes up to 200m (656 feet) away when used outdoors and up to 60 m (196 feet) indoors.

LCD display

The LCD display shows each strobe unit, power settings and allows for full control of all strobes right on top of the unit. With all this information on top of the transceiver you can now control the power on each strobe individually as well as many other functions. The individual strobes also show up automatically and you can adjust the settings on top of the transceiver or on the strobe itself. You can see and control up to 10 different EL strobes with the HS transmitter.

Runs on 2 AA batteries

Powered by two AA batteries, which makes it easy to find new batteries and change them out.

ODS (Over Drive Sync)

The ODS setting allows for customization of the Hi-Sync (HS) timing to change where the slice of light is taken out of the flash curve. This means that we have the ability to customize the HS lighting by moving the slice of light from the max light output to a lower light output farther into the flash curve.

This could be especially useful when shooting portraits with a wide aperture where the lighting needs to be subtle.

AF Assist

Also includes an autofocus assist feature to help cameras focus in low light situations. While it may seem like a small thing, there are tons of situations where I have had to turn on the modeling lamp to focus. When running on battery power, as with the ELB 400 or the Rangers, using the modeling light just to autofocus the camera drains the strobe batteries quite a bit faster. It is a feature that many of us will find extremely useful and another example of how well-thought out the new Skyport Plus HS is.

The Hi-Sync Technology

The Elinchrom Hi-Sync technology works similarly to HyperSync in that it takes a slice of the light out of the flash curve. Because it is the Elinchrom in-house system it is optimized to work much better than HyperSync ever has and it is also much easier to use.

This is by far the best high shutter speed flash sync technology on the market – and not just by a little.

Besides being able to overpower the sun from phenomenal distances (with only 424 Ws), Hi-Sync can be used for other creative effects including: freezing motion, darkening backgrounds using high shutter speeds, shooting at large apertures for shallow depth of field, having full control over shutter speed and aperture choice, and getting sharper images with high resolution images.

This implementation of Hi-Sync is a huge revolution in flash technology. Many have been waiting for this technology to be implemented into strobes for many years. Hi-Sync makes everyone else look archaic! If you are looking to push the envelope with your lighting then look no further. Elinchrom has perfected a method for shooting with strobes at high shutter speeds and they have also created an amazing transceiver for any and all uses.


  • Hi-Sync Technology
  • ODS (Overdrive Sync)
  • Visual Control
  • Large LCD Display
  • Secure Hotshoe
  • Range up to 200m (656ft)
  • Full EL Compatibility
  • Two Shooting Modes “Normal” or “Speed”
  • Three Sync Modes “Standard”, “Hi-Sync” and “Second Curtain (Canon Only)”
  • 20 Channels & 4 Groups
  • AF Illuminator
  • USB Pot for Firmware Updates
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries

Delivered with:

  • 1x Elinchrom Transmitter Pro Canon


  • Frequency Band: 2.5GHz
  • Channels: 40
  • Groups: 4
  • Sync Modes: Normal, Hi-Sync, Second Curtain (Canon Only)
  • Range: 200m outdoors, >60m indoors
  • AF Assist Beam: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Pro for Canon
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