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PocketWizard CM-E3-ACC 2.5mm Remote Camera / Flash Sync Cable

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PocketWizard CM-E3-ACC 2.5mm Remote Camera / Flash Sync Cable Using a remote camera lets you explore creativity and expand photographic...
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PocketWizard CM-E3-ACC 2.5mm Remote Camera / Flash Sync Cable

Using a remote camera lets you explore creativity and expand photographic coverage in unique ways. On location, remote cameras can be where you physically can’t. Get shots no one else can by firing a remote camera at the same time you fire your main body. Two images, two perspectives, one photographer! In the studio, get out from behind the lens and really connect with your subjects. This cable can also be used as a regular sync cable to trigger a remote flash with a 2.5mm connection.

How to Use:

As a remote camera cable: Connect the CM-E3-ACC Remote Camera Cable to your camera’s remote port and a receiving PocketWizard radio. Trigger your remote camera by either pressing test on a handheld PocketWizard or directly from your camera’s shutter button; with the transmitting PocketWizard mounted on your handheld camera’ s hot shoe or connected to the camera’s PC port.
As a flash sync cable: Connect the CM-E3-ACC cable to your flash’s 2.5mm sync port and a receiving PocketWizard radio. Use a transmitting PocketWizard on your camera’s hot shoe or connected via the camera’s PC port to trigger the remote flash.

Half press / Pre Trigger Options for Remote Camera Use:

Enabling half press pre triggers the camera. This means the remote camera will be pre triggered when half press is enabled, just like you are half pressing the shutter button directly on the remote camera itself. It will focus and confirm exposure. The advantage of the half press feature is that your camera will respond to the actual trigger signal faster, as it should be completely ready to take the photo as soon as it gets the signal to fire. Half press is available “on demand” with some PocketWizard radios as a feature. Continuous half press is available to all PocketWizard radios if you add a PTMM cable. Please see below for details:
Plus III: Using a hand held transmitting radio: half press the test button  on the radio in your hand to pre trigger your remote camera, then press all the way to take the photo. If you are shooting from a handheld camera with a hot shoe mounted transmitting radio, use a remote camera cable on both the transmitting and receiving PocketWizard radios to enable pre triggering for the remote camera. When you half press the shutter button of the camera in your hand, the remote Plus III should pre trigger the remote camera at the same time. Note: set the transmitting PocketWizard to Tx Only for this setup for best results.
Plus IV: The Plus IV can receive a half press signal from a transmitting Plus III but cannot send one. See above for details about how half press works.
MultiMAX: You can pre trigger a remote camera using the MultiMAX radios by enabling or disabling their zones. This feature works when using the -ACC port on the MultiMAX units, without the MSMM adapter. It is not available on older MultiMAX radios that only have a top port. The PTMM adapter can be added to any setup to enable constant pre triggering. It is an adapter that connects to the remote camera cable and has a box with a switch. When you turn it “on”, the camera will be constantly pre triggered. When it is “off”, the camera will fire after confirming focus and exposure. The camera will respond much more quickly but will use more battery power.
FlexTT5, FlexTT6, Plus II, Plus Receiver, MultiMAX without -ACC ports: half press /  pre trigger is only available on these units by adding the PTMM adapter.

NOTE: For most mirrorless cameras, if you wish to use the electronic shutter and are shooting from a hand held camera, you will need to use a remote camera cable on both the transmitting and receiving radios.


PocketWizard Compatibility: All PocketWizard transceivers
NOTE: For older Plus, Plus II, and MultiMAX radios using top sync port, use included MSMM adapter




Camera Compatibility:
Canon cameras with E3 remote shutter release terminal including:
Canon SLR & D
SLRs: EOS SL series, EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS 77D, EOS 80D, EOS 90D, Rebel series, Digital Rebel series, EOS Rebel series, EOS 300D, EOS 350D, EOS 400D, EOS 450D, EOS 500D, EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 650D, EOS 700D, EOS 1000D, EOS 1100D, EOS 1200D
Canon mirrorless: EOS R, R6, and RP. For EOS R5 and EOS R3, see the CM-N3-ACC. The EOS M50 series does not have an external remote port and cannot be triggered by a PocketWizard at this time.

Fuji, Olympus, and Pentax cameras: This cable also may be compatible with most Fuji, Olympus, and Pentax cameras that can be triggered via a 2.5mm stereo connection.
Hasselblad H series, Contax 645 and N, Bronica ETR and SQA motor drive: If your camera has a standard 2.5mm remote port with a tip, ring, & sleeve connection, this cable should be compatible, test your specific camera to confirm.
Panasonic and Leica: these cameras have 2.5 mm remote ports that have extra contacts. This cable will not work with those cameras. For Panasonic cameras, please use the PAN-ACC cable. 

Flash Compatibility: This cable can also be used as a flash sync cable for flashes with a 2.5mm subminiphone sync port.


Includes MSMM Adapter for use with older Plus, Plus II, and MultiMAX radios with top port.
From 1/8″ (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone to 3/32″ (2.5 mm) stereo sub-miniphone. 

Cable lengths:
CM-E3-ACC: 3′ (91 cm)
CM-E3-ACC-1: 1′ (30.5 cm)

PocketWizard CM-E3-ACC 2.5mm Remote Camera / Flash Sync Cable
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