Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment.

As well as creating a better working environment, HiGlide also provides incredible lighting flexibility. All of your lights, accessories, power packs and backdrops can be suspended and positioned exactly where you need them; making the best use of your studio space. Moving rails allow for quick and easy horizontal positioning while the wide range of adjustable mountings and extension tubes provide full height control. Locking devices hold everything together in place so there is no chance of disturbing your carefully created lighting set-ups. HiGlide can be used in just about any studio with a wide range of accessories to ensure that you can create a set-up that will be perfect for your studio.

First, check whether you have enough clearance height for HiGlide to be effective. It is recommended to have a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of 2.8m and ideally 3.5m as the optimum height. Next, check the ceiling is going to be strong enough to support the weight. Remember that it will have to carry the combined weight of the rail system and all of your equipment. If you satisfy both of these requirements, you are HiGlide ready.



You will need a minimum of two fixed/static rails which will be attached parallel to each other on the ceiling. These should be placed approximately 1.8m apart so that the moving floating rail(s) will only be able to move at right angles to the fixed rail. For larger spaces, three or more fixed rails can be used; three fixed rails are recommended when using 4.5m moving rails. Consider where you want to place the lights when drafting your design. You may want to always shoot in the same position; though the flexibility of HiGllide creates more adventurous set-ups.



You should have an idea of how long the rails will need to be for your studio. If you need longer rails, the fixed rails can always be extended using Rail Joining Plates (BW-2633). Moving rails cannot be extended. At every point where a fixed rail crosses a moving rail you will need a Double Carriage (BW-2603) and for stability it is recommended that you use at least one Double Carriage with Brake (BW-2620) on each moving rail.



It is very important that you use the correct fixings for your ceiling, and that you use enough of them to safely support the weight of the HiGlide system and all the equipment being suspended from it. Always attach to a load bearing part of the structure (wall or ceiling). If the ceiling height is too high, use the Drop Support to lower the height of the fixed rails so that they are at a correct level. It is important that the fixed rails are level when secured or the moving rails will not stay in position.



By now you will have decided how many items you are going to hang from the rails. Everything will need a carriage to mount it onto the rail. For lighter weight items use a Single Carriage (BW-2604), for heavier items the 6 Wheel Carriage (BW-2628) will allow for easier, more fluid movement. To add items after your HiGlide has been installed, you can use the Addalite Carriage (BW-2660) which can be fixed to a rail without dismantling the whole system.



If your lights are always at the same height then a fixed Length Extension Tube can be used along with an additional Adaptor Spigot (BW-2652). The Litelift Pantographs allow lights to be easily raised and lowered. Each Litelift is supplied with two Springs, if the item you are mounting weighs more than 9.7Kg you will need additional Spring to allow for a maximum of 15kg  +/-  7%. If you plan to use heavy accessories on your lights a Centre of Gravity Bar (BW-2622) should be used to counter balance the weight.

For more information on HiGlide studio railing systems send us an email at

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