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Orbitvu product photography

It's not enough to use static product images anymore.

Customers are expecting the same interaction with an online product as they would have with a physical product in-store. Adobe’s paper ‘What Shoppers Want’ found that as many as 91% of Internet users want to view a product in 360°.

Thanks to ORBITVU, the leading designers and manufacturers of automated 2D, 3D and 360º product photography solutions, this interaction is now possible. Both technologically advanced and incredibly easy-to-use, ORBITVU offer a fantastic range of devices for 2D, 3D and 360º product photography, from affordable studio hardware to powerful and intuitive software. Available for professional photographers through to the e-commerce and retail markets, able to create 2D web- and print-ready pack shots and 360º interactive presentations in seconds!

Featuring a wide range of ground-breaking technologies, anyone (even with a limited understanding of photography) can easily create highly professional results quickly and affordably.

ORBITVU devices operate effectively and reliably in film and photography studios on every continent. See for yourself how an ORBITVU device can help you achieve more sales or create consistent, high-quality shots by booking a demo today.

Check out our Q&A on the ORBITVU equipment, featured in Jewellery Focus magazine.

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AJ's is the exclusive UK distributor for ORBITVU. Having been dealing with ORBITVU for the past 5 years, combined with over 20 years experience in the photographic lighting market, you can trust that you’ll not only get a great device but you’ll also receive a wealth of knowledge and expertise unmatched by any competitor. Give us a call or email us for more information or to book a demo.