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AJ's - Passion meets Professionalism

Our History

A Trusted Industry Name, Established In 1994

Our humble beginnings saw us open from the dinning room of our founders parents home.

Over the years we have reinvested and grown to be a recognised name in our sector supplying industry leading services and solutions.

Moving on to the current day our expertise and customer satisfaction is underpinned by trained staff with superior product knowledge.

As one of the premier independent photo and video suppliers, we specialize in providing lighting equipment, along with bespoke studio builds. Additionally we are the exclusive supplier of Orbitvu & Profoto E-Commerce studio solutions.

For your next studio re-equip choose AJ's Photo Video Limited as your trusted partner, ensuring you receive expert knowledge and the best equipment at competitive prices.

AJ's showroom in Bruton, Somerset from the early 2000's

Our own offices


It quickly became evident that in order to grow the business AJ's needed to find a permanent premises. Although Bruton is an historical rural town is has great transport connection via the mainline station and large major roads, and became the home of AJ's.

Profoto Studio Flash in a Profoto Umbrella with man in the foreground

No flash in the pan relationship, but a commitment


Having built a good reputation in the trade after 10 years of trading AJ's took it to the next level by becoming unofficial Profoto dealer.

With a commitment to light shaping excellence today and tomorrow, Profoto is more than a brand and more than the world-leading light shaping products they make.

Today Profoto continue to innovate with world-leading lights and light-shaping tools. But they also create the leading-edge technology that connects camera, app, and light seamlessly and invisibly, making light more accessible to everyone passionate about creating amazing images now, and in the future.

Orbitvu XL Pro device in use with PC opperating in the foreground, ideally for capturing product shots efficantly

Automated photography for ecommerce that fits your needs


With the advent of automated image capture AJ's became the sole UK distributer of Orbitvu automated solutions. In the following decade Orbitvu has revolutionised the content production automation market.

Orbitvu streamlines your image capture process and benefit from savings, consistent quality, and more with dedicated automation from Orbitvu. 

Whether it’s still, flat lay or 360°/3D product photography or video, Orbitvu offer specially designed automated solutions that make your product photography a competitive strength.

A Cove-Lock system being fisinhed at the University of Belfast, painted in Green Screen Chromakey paint.

Always behind you with Cove-Lock

Cove-Lock, infinite possibities

The infinity cove modular solution from Cove-Lock.

Purchased in 2015 from Manfrotto, Cove-Lock an industry leading name, synonymous with infinity coves.

HiGlide Acquisition

Elevate your studio

2017 saw AJ's acquire Bowen's HiGlide, designed in the late 1970s. It provides high-quality and highly reliable ceiling tracking systems for the suspension of photographic and video lighting.

Our systems increase your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment by removing the need for stands and ground clutter

As well as creating a better working environment, HiGlide also provides incredible lighting and flexibility. All of your light, accessories and backdrops can be suspended and positioned (without any effort) exactly where you need them; making the best use of your studio space. Improving workspace safety

Profoto Automated Solutions, a grid of images of the Profoto Eclipse, Vertical and images created by these devices.

Profoto E-commerce Solutions

Appointed exclusive supplier

After 30 years in the trade, one of our proudest moments Was being appointed the official reseller for Profoto E-commerce studio solutions.

Scalable e-commerce studio solutions support you in boosting sales and minimizing returns. Made for fast-paced, high-volume studios, Profoto e-commerce studio solutions enable you to drastically increase your studio output while keeping production costs low.

Automate Your Studio

E-Commerce Solutions For Every Business

The family of Orbitvu products on a black background

E-Commerce Solutions For Every Business

Learn more about our scalable bespoke e-commerce studio and automated solutions that cover workflow management, content creation systems for photo and video, and seamless integration with post-production.
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Add depth and atmosphere to your scene

Portable Hazer Kit, perfect for on-location shoots. A basic kit for creative smoke effects.

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Profoto B10X

The light for video and stills

The B10X's are both multipurpose. Which means whether you are shooting video or still, the B10X can take it in their stride. Compared to the B10's, both B10X models have an increased maximum continuous light output by 30% up to 3250 lumens.

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Static carousel showing different side profiles of the Profoto B10X flash head.


Which B10X model is right for you?

Power, or portability?

That is always the question. Ultimately if you wish to overpower the sun on the brightest of days then you will opt for the B10X Plus. The 500W/s stored in this compact unit will deliver for almost all situations.

But if you require portability then the B10X is the unit for you. Compact, lightweight and easily added to a camera bag. Combine this with it's ease of use and durability, you'll rest comfortably in the knowledge of making the right choice.

Alternatively look at our mixed kits, or consider a bespoke kit comprising of the Profoto A2 combined with the B10X series.

Profoto B10X right side
Profoto B10X Sale price£1,739.00


Sale price£1,449.17

ex. VAT)

Profoto B10X Plus
Profoto B10X Plus Sale price£2,095.00


Sale price£1,745.83

ex. VAT)








250 Ws

500 Ws

Profoto A2

Possibly The Perfect Lighting Companion For Location

Meet Profoto A2, the battery powered monolight made for a life on the move and every camera. Despite being the size of a soda can, the A2 delivers 400 full-power flashes at 100W from one battery charge.

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Profoto A2: Great light that's always with you.

Meet the Profoto A2, the battery powered monolight made for a life on the move.

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Rear view of the Profoto A2 and howing the rear display illuminated.

Compact & robust design

Simply made for everyone that requires reliable and portable flash lighting, whether it be for weddings, corporate, or fashion. This is the run-and-gun choice.

Easy to use menu UI

Why choose Profoto? The best designs are always the simplest. No complex, or confusing menus to navigate, just clear, concise and easy to use. What every creator wants.

Detachable mount

Detachable stand mount, wanna hand hold, no problem. Wanna mount the Profoto A2 on a stand, no problem.


Range (up to 330ft)

The compact size means this is a light that you really can bring anywhere and everywhere. Throw it in your bag or a jacket pocket, and you're ready to make the most of whatever location you might find yourself in; it's ideal when space is at a premium and time is short.


Full power (100w) flashes

Despite being the size of a soda can, the A2 delivers 400 full-power flashes at 100W from one battery charge. It keeps a recycling time of 0.05-1.3 seconds and functions at a range of 100m (330ft) with remote control and TTL.

AJ's has, and still provides exceptional service from start to finish to us at Amgueddfa Cymru. Andrew and Hannah's expertise and customer service helped tremendously, when pulling together a funding proposal for a brand new studio at one of our Museum sites. Their quick responses, detailed recommendations and willingness to make edits with a quick turnaround was incredible.

Museum of Wales / Amgueddfa Cymru

Online experience superb, fast delivery and the item purchase was exactly as described.

Paul B.

We’ve been buying from AJ’s for years, they really go above and beyond when it comes to service. They understand the business and provide a buying experience that sets them apart from the others.

Future Publishing

Fantastic service! Had a problem with an order, spoke to two people on the phone who communicated the problem to the other staff, and the problem was sorted within 24h and the product was delivered to me the next day. Really feels like a company that has your back when deadlines are tight. Thanks to Andrew and Jon for sorting this!

Samuel G.