AJ’s Studio and Camera Supplies are specialists in photographic and film studio installation. Whether you need a small studio set-up or require a large scale studio, AJ’s 3 step process will ensure we create a bespoke studio solution to meet your needs.

Scope | Design | Build


To give you the best studio design service possible, we will go through the scope of your project with you so that we fully understand your requirements.

This includes:

    •    Studio location
    •    Studio size
    •    Studio usage: traditional photographic / film / Orbitvu automated solution
    •    Background required: Cove Lock infinity cove / backdrop /  product table
    •    Lighting & light shapers
    •    Grip: free-standing / Hi Glide ceiling tracking
    •    Project time-frame
    •    Budget

Studio Design


We will design a bespoke studio solution based on your project scope. We will create a proposal for your new studio design with a recommended equipment list. If, after the design phase you simply require just the equipment we will dispatch your items on completion of payment.

Renowned Brands

AJ’s Studio and Camera Supplies are one of the UK’s leading B2B choice for professional studio lighting and grip equipment. We are a specialist B2B Studio lighting supplier with nearly 30 years of trade experience. We have excellent studio equipment knowledge, and are one of the best stocked lighting suppliers in the UK.

Some of the brands we supply includes: Profoto; Aputure; Broncolor; Orbitvu; Hi Glide; Cove Lock; Matthews Grip; Manfrotto; and Cambo.

Lyons Photography


Once the studio design proposal has been approved our team of experts will install and build your studio. Once built the studio will go through a client sign-off process.

    Trusted Studio Installation

    We have created numerous professional studio builds across the UK including:
        •    NHS Hospitals and Trusts
        •    Universities, and Colleges
        •    Future Publishing
        •    Daily Mail Group
        •    Getty Images

    Get in Touch

    For more information about about our fantastic studio installation service please email us: info@aj-s.co.uk

    Image Credit

    The above image is credited to www.lyons-photography.co.uk

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