Aputure Nova P600c Space Light

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Aputure Nova P600c Space LightDesigned For The Nova P600c & Nova P300c The Space Light for the Nova P600c is...
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Aputure Nova P600c Space Light
Designed For The Nova P600c & Nova P300c

The Space Light for the Nova P600c is ideal for cinematographers and studios who need an omni-direction ambient light solution. When combined with the full-colour RGBWW Nova P600c, with its innately soft quality and high output, this space light is perfect for studio installs. Its nearly 3-foot diameter and 28- inch height creates a large volumetric source to fill up cycs and green screens. With its ease of use and portability, you can also take it on set, by collapsing the modifier into its carrying bag and transporting it to your next location.

The Nova P600c Space Light is an omni-directional diffuser designed for the Nova P600c and P300c light panels. Like traditional space lights, it features a cylindrical design to achieve its omni-directional light spread. This reduces edge shadows and makes it suitable for creating large soft light environments.

For additional flexibility, the Space Light softbox features an adjustable light control skirt. With a reflective inner layer and a solid black outer layer, the Space Light completely eliminates excess spill light. Produce a soft, directional light by rolling down only one side of the skirt, or completely close the skirt to create a light that projects downwards in a circular illumination pattern.

When combined with the Nova P600c or Nova P300c, the modifier’s 3-foot diameter and 28-inch height creates a large volumetric source for filling up cycs and green screens. Storing the space light or skirt between shows is also simple, as the modifier collapses neatly into its carrying bag.

Main Features

  • 84cm (33in) Omni-Directional Soft Light Diffuser for Nova P600c
  • 360º Illumination to Fill Any Space
  • Ideal for Studios & Lighting Grids
  • Light Control Skirt to Adjust Spread
  • Circular Aperture
  • Collapsible for Storage & Transport
  • Carrying Bag Included



Space Light (Built)

φ84x72cm φ33x28in

Space Light (Collapsed)

φ84x6.0cm φ33x2.4in

Light Control Skirt (Built)

φ96x98cm φ38x39in


4.00kg / 8.82lbs


In the Box

  • 1 x Space Light Diffuser
  • 1 x Space Light Suspension Mount
  • 1 x Light Control Skirt
  • 1 Carrying Bag

Please note: Lighting stand and light not included. Shown for illustration purposes only.

        Aputure Nova P600c Space Light
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