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Avenger Junior Boom Stand with Levelling Leg

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Avenger Junior Boom Stand with Levelling Leg 

In our eyes the Avenger A4050CS Junior Boom Stand with Levelling Leg is one of the most perfect stand/boom combination available for any professional image creator wanting safety and stability over anything else!

  • Heavy duty steel lighting fixture stand that converts to a boom stand!
  • Levelling leg, nuts & bolts construction & junior combo top
  • Mobile Column w/double locking T-knobs on the spider castings
  • Travels like a traditional junior light stand
  • 4 sections, 3 risers. Ø: 45, 40, 35, 30 mm. Leg Ø: 25 x 25 mm

This Avenger Junior Boom Stand will be the perfect addition to your studio or location set up. The 4 Sections, 3 Riser design is great as a standard light stand for general use where height and stability are paramount. Flick the leaver and the stand instantly turns into one of the best portable booms on the market. The boom arm is perfect for a medium light fixture or large flag or gobo. The built in leveling leg makes this stand usable on uneven terrain making it the perfect choice for studio and location use alike. 

This is one of the most awesome Stand/Boom combinations available on the market today. Designed for serious users requiring the right tool for the job!


    •        Weight - 15 kg
    •        Maximum Height - 500 cm
    •        Boom Max Extension - 266 cm
    •        Payload - 8 kg
    •        Maximum Load with the boom closed 29.9kg
    •        Closed Length - 165 cm
    •        Footprint Max Diameter - 135 cm
    •        Levelling Leg - 1
    •        Boom Min Extension - 155 cm
    •        Attachment, 5/8" male stud with 1-1/8" female receptor

    Avenger A9000N wheels are available as an optional if you want to convert the A4050CS to a roller stand. These are found here.