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Broncolor Scoro 3200 E RFS2 WiFi Studio Pack

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Buy the Broncolor Scoro 3200E Directly From The Largest Official Independent Broncolor Specialist In The UK.Fast Delivery. 2 Year Warranty....
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Buy the Broncolor Scoro 3200E Directly From The Largest Official Independent Broncolor Specialist In The UK.Fast Delivery. 2 Year Warranty.

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Scoro WiFi -Unique Abilities, Simple Control.

  • Colour temperature is constant over the entire power range
  • Flash energy: 3200 joules
  • f-stop at 2 m, 100 ISO, P70 reflector: 90 2/10
  • 2 lamp outlets and controllable via WiFi (bronControl app)
  • Charging time: 0.06 – 1.7 s (230 V)

Scoro E is a mighty powerhouse in disguise. With its subtle appearance the capability of the humble Scoro E always exceeds expectations. Simplification by reduction is the watchword. With intuitive menu navigation, the innovative ECTC system, two lamp connections, and an excellent output, the Scoro E is equipped for the best results in fashion and still-life photography.

When certain features of the Scoro S or a third lamp base outlet are not required, then Scoro E is the perfect selection. This high-end power pack impresses with strong performance and easy operation; playing to its strength in fashion and still-life photography in particular. Due to revised hard and software, the new Scoro E WiFi / RFS 2 can be conveniently controlled by the bronControlapp. By means of a WiFi connection,mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), as well as desktop computers, are able to communicate with this high-end power pack.

All of this is packed into a very robust and stable aluminium case with rubber protection profiles. Manufactured in Switzerland and compatible with the entire broncolor range of accessories.

Key Features
- Reduction to the max: Working with a Scoro E is as simple and intuitive as possible. However, behind the easy understandable controls there is broncolor's high-tec ensuring, that you get the best light. Anytime. Anywhere.
- Power with precision: With a maximum power of 3200 J you can easily photograph against the sun and illuminate the largest sets. On the other side of the 9 stops power range, you shoot beautiful soft portraits with wide-open apertures. The power is adjusted with precise increments of 1/10 f-stop.
- Impressive speed: The Scoro E can trigger the next flash in only 0.06 seconds. The extremely short flash durations reach 1/8'000 s (t0.1) and freeze even the fastest movements.
- Constant light quality: Output and color remain extremely constant over the entire range – even after triggering a vast amount of flashes. If you want to grade your photographs, this constancy is essential to do it accurately and fast.
- Efficient remote operation: For large-scale studios, clear control over complex setups can be a challenge. This problem is solved by the bronControl app, in which Scoro E is fully integrated.

Broncolor Scoro 3200 E RFS2 WiFi Studio Pack
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