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Cambo MBX-2 Black Studio Camera Stand Column - 9' (2.7m)

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Cambo MBX-2 Black Studio Camera Stand Column - 9' (2.7m) 

Introducing the new MBX Studio Stand 

This new "mid-range"studio stand will suit many photographers shooting with DLSR and medium format systems. The MBX sits between the entry-level Monostand and the heavier duty UST/UBS stand series.

The MBX-1 column has ball-bearing movements for vertical adjustment. 

The rotation is separately operated and locked from the sliding collar.

The cross arm is integrated in the sliding collar and has a generous total length of 100 cm, moved with a gear crank for precise positioning.

The MBX-1 includes the geared lateral moving crossarm and movable 3/8 camera mount.

PLEASE NOTE: Base is NOT included and must be purchased separately. This listing for this is found here.


  • Height of stand complete 270 cm
  • Height of column only 255 cm
  • Weight of column only: 26 kg
  • Weight of stand complete (w/MBX-0): 62 kg
  • Diameter of column: 85 mm
  • Minimum Height of Camera Platform - 40cm