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Dedolight DP1.2 Imager Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens - Accessory Chamber (Gobo+)

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DP1.2 (Update from DP1.1) - Imaging Projector for "M" Size Lights (with 85mm lens)

This is a must-have system for any Dedolight user's style of production, especially product and tabletop work. The DP1.2 (update to the DP1.1) Universal Imager/Projector fits in the accessory slot (barn-doors slot) of any M-size lights (see list below).

Dedolight added a key-stoning correction knob to this classic projector to adjust the image plane when the light is set at an angle. Just like its predecessor (DP1.1), the DP1.2 has a universal slot imager compatible with "M" size gobos (with the DPGH gobo holder), the DPIR 8-Leaf Iris, and the DPFS loose framing leaves for occasional shutter-work. The DPEYESET softener fits in the front of most lenses.

Medium-size projectors are in 3 sections: the condenser, the universal receptacle assembly (or Built-in Framing Shutter Assembly), and lens holder that slides within to adjust focus. The lens holder can be removed to accommodate the physically larger DPL150.1M, 150mm Eagle Eye lens.

The DP1.2 comes with the 85mm prime and has a large assortment of lenses to achieve any projection size: 6 primes and 2 zooms, from 30mm to 185mm. The DP1 Universal projector uses the same lenses as the DP2. To configure your own projector if you already have a lens, select the DP1.2-0 version with the Universal projector only and no lens.

If you are done using low-resolution imagers that create chromatic aberrations, colour fringing, and fuzzy edges you'll want to try this professional projection system. Quite frankly, there is no comparison; nothing can do what Dedolight projectors can do.


DP1.2 Projector with lens holder
DPL85M - 85mm Lens

Light heads - DLH4, DLH4M-300, DLH200, DLED4, DLED 7, Dedolight Neo
DPGH - For gobos, M size Gobo holder