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Godox AD200 barndoor BD-07

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Godox AD200 barndoor BD-07

Godox BD-07 kit for Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro flashes includes a barndoor with four wings, a honeycomb grid and color filters to change the color of the light.

Barndoors allow you to direct the light from the flash to illuminate the desired areas of the object and block the light from areas that are not to be illuminated. The honeycomb allows you to narrow the beam of light into a soft circle which is perfect for applications such as lighting your hair.

Colour filters
The set includes four color filters that will help you achieve creative effects.

In package:

  • Four-leaf barndoors
  • Grid with honeycomb structure
  • Green filter
  • Blue filter
  • Red filter
  • Yellow filter
  • Original packaging