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Instagrid ONE max Type G (UK): 230V (16A)

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Instagrid ONE max Type G (UK): 230V (13amp and 16A Sockets) PORTABLE ELECTRICITY REINVENTED Working off-grid has never been so...
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Instagrid ONE max Type G (UK): 230V (13amp and 16A Sockets)


Working off-grid has never been so easy

230V - Take your wall socket with you - power any device no matter where you are!

A truly impressive lithium battery pack that can even been sent via your standard courier. No fan, passive cooling meaning silent operation.

Delivering unbelievable and unbeatable power without limitations.

  • Profoto Pro-11 2400 Air = 2,520 full power flashes
  • Aputure 1200d @ full power = approximately 2 hours at full power
  • Aputure 600d @ full power = approximately 3 hours +
  • Aputure 300d @ full power = approximately 6 hours +
  • Arri Skypanel = 5 Hours at full brightness
  • 1,800w Telescopic camera Crane = Up to 4 hours

The instagrid ONE max portable battery power supply was designed specifically for
professional applications, providing a power socket without constraints, wherever it is required. Need more than one socket, simply add a splitter.

Probably one of the best products we've seen hit the market for many years!

Lightweight, robust, powerful and flexible. The instagrid ONE is the new
standard for mobile work.


No Limits If your device can be powered from a wall socket, it can be powered with instagrid.

Plug and Play No cables, no hassle.

Simply plug in, and get work done. Truly Portable. Nothing this powerful has ever been so compact and lightweight.

Long runtime

With 2.1 kWh, instagrid ONE max delivers the most energy in a portable format.

Robust and Efficient

Work under any conditions with instagrid’s water and dust resistant system.

Silent and Clean

instagrid ONE max is completely silent and has zero toxic fumes - much cleaner and quieter than a traditional diesel generator.

FAST CHARGING in 2.5 hours

Short on time? You can charge the instagrid system even in the middle of your workday.


18.000 Watt Peak

With the instagrid system you can power your most demanding devices up to 18.000W peak!

3.600 Watt Continuous 

Power your tools with 3.600 W pure sine from fine electronics to welding.



Electric Physical
Output voltage 230 V (AC) / 50 Hz Weight 20 kg
Rated output power 3.600 W (16 A) Dimensions 420 x 210 x 420 mm
Available energy 2,1 kWh Outer case Recycled aluminium
Charge duration < 3 h up to 100%
Rated power 500-1.000 W (4 A)
On (idle) 150 h
Storage > 3 years (switch in “off” or “transport” mode)
Output socket EU CEE 7/3 Socket (16 A) UK BS1363-2 (13 A)
Power outlet Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
150% boost (>500 sec) 5.400 W (24 A) IP class IP54+
200% boost (>100 sec) 7.200 W (32 A) Noise emissions < 10 dB(A)
250% boost (>25 sec) 9.000 W (40 A)
Peak power 18.000 W (80 A)
Discharging operating temperature -20°C up to 60°C
Charging operating temperature 0°C up to 45°C
Instagrid ONE max Type G (UK): 230V (16A)
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