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Lee Filters Black Foil Black Wrap Cinefoil Roll 15.24m x 0.3m wide

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LEE Blackfoil / Black Wrap 15.24m (l) x 0.3m (w)

Black High Temperature Light Masking Cine Foil (non-adhesive)

Black Foil, BlackWrap, Lindcraft Foil, Cinefoil and Shadowfoils are all names for black aluminium foil that's primarily used to block out light, or attached to light fixtures and or their barn doors. Used in a situation where extreme heat might otherwise burn flags or cutters.

Also available in 7.62m x 0.6m

Designed purely for use in the Photography, TV, Film and Theatre. Black wrap offers extreme temperature resistance without the adhesive backing.

  • A non-adhesive, Matt Black, non-reflective light masking foil.
  • High Temperature
  • Flexible
  • Matt Black
  • Non reflective
  • Light masking, blackout
  • Used in Theatre, film & TV

Use Black Wrap to make homemade bespoke Flags, Cutters, Dots, Fingers and other tools for controlling light on and in a set. Can also be used to create Camera Barn Doors and is used to black out rooms or studios for controlling ambient light that may effect your set. Also control light leaks and even create your own Gobo's!

A truly multi-use durable material for any Pro.